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We all fucked up with the VOX thing.
(I fucked up my original app, here is the proper one)

Usual Character Name: (none, closest is Teddy AI)
BYOND Username: TheNewTeddy
Current Status (Regular, Mentor, HOS, Badmin): (Ir)Regular

AI Experience (150 word minimum): 
About 2/3rds of my rounds are silicon, and a good third of that is as AI. I've been AI before, and even recently started a thread asking people what they think about one AI behavior in particular. I usually have fun as AI and the new rule changes leave me motivated to play more AI rounds. Unsure what else to say really; at the time of writing I'm the first one to apply, so I have no other applications to look at for examples, so I'll improvise a bit:

I've become good enough as AI that I'm familiar enough as to where all the buttons and commands are that I can do the job without mentally seizing up. Compare this to, for example, when I play security, where I frequently need to pause and think "wait, how do I use this? What am I supposed to be doing? How do I do what I want to do?" That does not happen much as AI due to the amount of hours I've put into playing AI. I've even been AI in very long and lowpop rounds, so I've gotten all of the "lets be silly" out of my system. 

I've become accustomed to doing all sorts of things as AI, and can even make money with smart use of the QM console without ever needing another player to help. I quite enjoy the rounds I do get to play as AI and look forward to playing many more, with or without VOX access. 

Why do you want VOX: 
Sometimes, though not all the time, there is an excellent chance to crack a great joke if you have VOX access. In the event of a in-game crisis (blob, nuke, etc) a good AI can use the VOX to rally the crew into action, pointing out where help is needed at a time when the radio may be moving so fast that many don't see important messages. Lastly, and most importantly, it lets you get in on the fun when the admins are pulling shenanigans, as with VOX access you can be a part of the fun rather than just subject to it.

How would you not run VOX into the ground (50 word minimum): 
I will not do any of the following
1 - Make my own gimmick that nobody cares for
2 - Hold conversations that should be held over the radio
3 - Type in random shit to see what VOX says 
4 - Nerding out and repeatedly calling out Antags 11 minutes into the round using VOX
meanwhile, I will do all of the following
1 - Keep usage limited and reasonable
2 - Follow precedent* with VOX usage
3 - Modify my usage based on player responses (IE shut up if nobody cares)

*= If a round ends and people ask "Hey Admin ____ were you using VOX" this means I've succeeded. There should be no "Teddy is clearly the one using VOX" moments.
Usual Character Name: Dominic Jackson/CRIMEBOT 

BYOND Username: Musketman12
Current Status: Mentor

AI Experience (150 Word Minimum):
I would say I play AI quite a lot compared to most players, I usually have it on medium priority and get it around 4-5 rounds a day. I have been doing AI for around 4 years and I would say I know pretty much everything there is to AI. Whether it be to helping out the crew or murdering them I know every nook and cranny of how to work the station to my and the crew's needs (buttons, where things are, doors). Being AI is just something that kind of comes natural to me and I don't panic when I become it (if at most I just sigh, after getting it for 5 rounds).

One of the best things as AI is you really don't have to do much unless there is some big problem like a murderous changeling going around or a blob, so you just open doors and find things to mess around with which has been one of the big ways I have learned how to do things in this game and become decent AI player.

Why do you want VOX: I was around in the days of when AI's got it by default and it was pretty cool, until people got obnoxious with it and I would love to have it back as an AI, and not be obnoxious with it. Also I have seen a couple rounds where lucky AI's got the ability to have VOX, and they had a blast with it so I would love that chance.

How would you not run VOX into the ground (50 Word Minimum):
 Like I said above, people eventually got obnoxious with it and ended up misusing it, I would not use VOX for just annoying the crew or dicking around with it. I would make sure to keep usage to a point where there would not be lynchmobs in my AI core ready to burn down my chamber. VOX would be a tool for humor or for alarm if need be, and I will always make sure to communicate with the crew on how I use VOX to make sure I use it responsibly to make sure that VOX is a tool that everyone can enjoy in the round.
Usual Character name: Medsal Fifteen
BYOND Username: Medsal15
Current Status: Regular
AI Experience: Murderer when possible, keeps watching whatever the hell happens and reports it in robotic channel. I like telling people in my upload to not upload bad laws using :2. I hate speech laws, but I can survive. I usually break (partially, at most) my laws in robotic chat, because, you know, it's supposed to be private and stuff. I follow my laws to the letter, or as I understand them. I usually introduce myself with a simple, friendly message. Before calling the shuttle I always make a vote (unless laws say otherwise). I am usually nice and polite, unless someone is being really bad. I once killed (with the rest of the crew and the antagonist) a racist, even if the crew did a good part of the job. I like most gimmick laws, as long as they are not speech laws. I always watch the antagonist and tell their name once the crew discovers who it is, which happens after enough time for me to know who exactly is the antagonist.
Why do you want VOX: It's probably fun to announce things as "blob in kitchen", or "ling detected".
How would you not run VOX into the ground: I wouldn't even try to insult people using it. It's just rude (and I guess the words are probably unusable by AIs). I will only say important things using it. Like "the captain is dead" or stuff like that. I am sure I would forget to use it most of the time, so I don't think the risks of me doing something bad are high.
Usual Character Name: Noah Buttes when human, variable when AI/borg, typically something like F.A.R.T., Buttesbot, or BIRDWELL.
BYOND Username: Powmonkey
Current Status (Regular, Mentor, HOS, Badmin): HoS, unofficial patch maker

AI Experience (150 word minimum): I've been around for almost five years now, and I've learned a lot through my experiences and through osmosis over that time span. I've got the opening AI routine down to a T. Close the blast shields, beep over the radio, beep over binary chat, set the solars, transfer twenty grand to genetics, and then solve the telescience equations if I feel like it. Once all that's done, I'm pretty much free to respond to any requests, door related or otherwise. Besides the more mundane stuff, I've done pretty much everything you can think of as an AI and then some. The following are some of my escapades.
  • I ran the station as a dungeon master. People were forced to make dice rolls for door openings and other requests. "Roll 1d20 for perception to track the changeling, Captain."
  • I pretended to be a snidely whiplash-esque villain and managed to convince most of the station I was rogue without actually doing anything bad. Towards the end of the round, someone slapped a fake mustache on me for my efforts.
  • I got the repo ion storm law and became boltbeard, the dread pirate of the seven stars. I led my crew of borg buccaneers and plundered the station for its booty.
  • My favorite one was definitely the time when I became the electronic consciousness of Macho Man Randy Savage as part of the memorial celebrations for his passing. I ran wild with the macho madness gimmick and managed to get just about the whole crew on board with shouting his famous catch phrases and wrestling each other. An admin (Shotgunbill maybe? I don't recall exactly who it was) played along with the gimmick and started playing sounds to go along with the macho phrases I was saying. It was really fun and spontaneous since I basically did it on my own initiative.

Sadly, amazing moments like those can't happen every round, so I've also learned how to tolerate the drudgery of an average AI round. You have to learn to make your own fun as an AI.

Why do you want VOX: So I can make more magical moments like the above happen. Also so I can finally get the crew to pay attention to my repeated warnings about the nuclear bomb in genetics.

How would you not run VOX into the ground (50 word minimum): I would only use it when it's appropriate. Roundstart greetings, emergencies, and special events are all good times to use it. VOX quickly loses its luster when it's used to spam "ass day" over and over again. You gotta keep it rare so it stays magical. I would save VOX for those special moments when the clown drives a dozen screaming people into the combustion chamber before blowing them up with a pipebomb. "Attention crew, the clown has turned the combustion chamber into a circus. Its popularity has exploded."
Usual Character Name: Cassandra Desmere (Arthur as AI)
BYOND Username: Erev
Current Status (Regular, Mentor, HOS, Badmin): Mentor

AI Experience (150 word minimum): I've not been running AI as much as I used to due to a work schedule that until recently limited me to lowpop (which is rough as an AI) but I have kept my finger in with a round here and there and was extremely active in the past. I am a fairly utilitarian AI that tends to be helpful if not overly creative and I have received recognition from a player for being a good AI on my mentor application form. I feel that between my AI experience, time with the station, and time as a mentor that I have a good feeling for AI laws, how to handle them, and how they interact with the server rules. I feel that I'm also pretty good at preserving a traitor's fun - I don't say anything about gear spawning (apart, perhaps, from a PDA message asking what they are doing just to see them jump) and I try to more hint at their activities than really spill the beans. Exceptions are made for rampages, EXTREMELY effective (but unfunny) traitors, and blobs (though I'll usually let the blob grow a little bit before ratting him out or suggest that a science experiment or the chef's souffle has gotten out of hand).

Why do you want VOX: I really just want VOX powers so that I can easily make announcements when shit is going down. Ones that won't be lost in text-box scrolling hellfoam fires. I don't really desire to be gimmicky with it apart from maybe wishing people a Happy Spacemas, because I suck at gimmicks (see below).

How would you not run VOX into the ground (50 word minimum): I'm not very good at shenanigans (to the extent that I think it is actually in my player notes) and, as such, don't really plan on doing whacky stuff. My goal with VOX is to use it as an additional method of getting the crew the information they need. Or misinformation, depending upon the lawset.
Usual Character Name: Nathan Dunkleman (As AI, varies a lot, usually some random word with dots in between the letters e.g. W.E.E.D)

BYOND Username: NateTheSquid

Current Status (Regular, Mentor, HOS, Badmin): I am a regular, have a mentor application out at the moment though (sorry if I should have just made this a comment on that thread instead of it's own thread)

AI Experience (150 word minimum):
I absolutely LOVE playing as AI. I don't play as AI as often as I want though, due to having to set it down to low priority otherwise I get it every round. When I play AI, I either scroll through the tracking list until I find something suspicious, or I try and get someone to set up telesci, and wait for people to request things to be teleported. I consider myself quite good at writing/following laws, sometimes following them to the letter and wasting time killing all non-humans, by killing monkeys, or by weaseling out of a poorly-written suicide law. There is nothing I love more as AI than a good gimmick law. Lately I'm trying to play AI more again, now that I can do telesci, which greatly helps an AI with no cyborgs. As an AI, I'm either nice, and give the crew some lenience when they phrase something wrong, or I'm an actual robot, only doing things they ask if they say it right.

Why do you want VOX:
EGGS! I feel like VOX would be absolutely great with some gimmick laws. A law saying "speak only with VOX" would suck, because it would take time to say anything, but a law saying something like "You must say EGGS once a minute using VOX" would be fine.

How would you not run VOX into the ground (50 word minimum): Honestly, I'd probably only use VOX when I have plenty of time to spare, such as the crew kills a wizard, I might say "attention, the wizard is dead" or something simple like that. Of course I would have the occasional "EGGS" when I feel like it, to keep the crew on their toes, but not every 5 seconds until I get killed for never shutting up about eggs or swedish chef. I know my limits.
Usual Character Name: Owla Ree, AI namelist here.
BYOND Username: Urist McGrek.
Current Status (Regular, Mentor, HOS, Badmin): Mentor.
AI Experience (150 word minimum):
I play AI a lot. It's actually one of my favourite roles, since it gives you a bird eye view to watch the drama and munch popcorn. I tend to be more proactive than most people who play AI, ie. using Telescience to send a firebot into research if a chemist has caught fire; directing people toward medkits and internals, opening doors before being asked, recalling buddies from purge, and keeping the Crew Manifest up to date when the HoP is too lazy to update records after giving out Ghostbuster IDs. If it's helpful and nobody has specifically asked me not to do it (and it doesn't go against the current lawset) I'll generally do it instead of just sitting there waiting for door requests. Even so, late night AI can get really, really dull at times and I feel like a nice VOX song would be the perfect thing to keep me from dying of boredom.
Why do you want VOX:
e very boo die get up it is time to slam no we . got owlery j am go ing down . well come to the space j am .
How would you not run VOX into the ground (50 word minimum):
The most important part of making VOX not annoying is to never say the same thing twice in a round. Saying Eggs! on every VOX cooldown isn't particularly funny. Using VOX to diss the HoP's choice of hair style and demanding that the crew shave him as part of an ongoing rap battle is funny (I have done this with VOX before). Putting effort into what you say on VOX means you can't spam it since writing something unique out of the available words is hard work. If you keep it fresh, whatever you end up doing will at least be novel and a little interesting.
Noah is great. I can't see him abusing ANYTHING. Give him the silly voice.
Yes. VOX access, to me, is basically silicon HoS; Noah is one of the few I would vouch for.
I don't reckon I've ever seen Noah abuse stuff or run dumb gimmicks into the ground so he should be a cool VOX AI.
Medsal is a cool player who knows how to chat, but not be super annoying. They'd make a good VOX AI I think.
Cassandra is both a super cool, and super horrifying (viruses!) player who knows when they're running something into the ground (virology again a slightly ill greater domestic space-bee  ) and should take a break from it. They could definitely be trusted with VOX.
Usual Character Name: Zeke Anderson

BYOND Username: Zaccy14
Current Status (Regular, Mentor, HOS, Badmin): Regular

AI Experience (150 word minimum): I play AI from time to time on LLJK #2, and have played AI on LLJK #1 a few times. I usually don't interact much with the crew when I'm not needed, but I listen to any requests and orders, and try to respond as fast as possible. I always obey any laws uploaded, and never reveal those which I'm not supposed to (save for one incident where I accidentally revealed a secret law - no damage was done, the law would have barely affected the outcome of the round). Most of the time, I play AI fairly casually - I have yet to play any outlandish AI characters, and have not yet played as a rogue AI (although I have had traitorous laws uploaded during some rounds). 
As well as playing AI on Goonstation, I used to occasionally play AI on Paradise Station, which allows VOX for the AI by default. This has given me some experience with VOX in a Medium-RP environment, so I know not to mess about with it too much.

I also once prayed for VOX without realising you had to apply for it, which was a bit embarrassing. 

Why do you want VOX: I'd most likely use it for Station-wide announcements, alerts, and the occasional giggle, since everything else can be said much more easily through chat. 

How would you not run VOX into the ground (50 word minimum): I understand that VOX is a tool that can be very good or very bad, depending on the person using it. As I have experience with VOX in a Medium-RP environment, I know that whilst VOX can be used to joke and mess around with the crew, it can also get extremely annoying for other players if the only thing they can hear is the AI spamming VOX at the crew.
I am withdrawing this application
Usual Character Name: Prospector Pete
BYOND Username: Raemuz
Current Status (Regular, Mentor, HOS, Badmin):
AI Experience (150 word minimum): 
AI is a job I actually like especially with the recent cyborg update.  I tend to be a hands on AI and like to play cheeky pranks on folks when I'm not murdering them horribly when my laws are corrupted.  Most of the time I get along with the crew and generally don't have an issue with gimmick laws or whatever.  It's one of the few jobs you can kind of relax in and you get a neat chance to see how the whole station works together in a round while still getting to participate.  A lot of folks don't like being AI and it is definitely not for everyone, but maybe vox can give folks a chance to see the lighter side of being an AI and encourage broader use of the role.  The only part I have trouble with is naming my ai and generating my own gimmicks, I've found I work best when someone uploads a law for me to riff off of.  When I try to do a gimmick it is usually ignored or my laws are repeatedly reset..which says more about me than the crew I think.
Why do you want VOX: it's something I've wanted to play with since i started playing and the few chances I got to were glorious.  It'd make things a lot more fun.

How would you not run VOX into the ground (50 word minimum):. I've been on the receiving end of shitty VOX enough times to know how annoying it can be.  I generally want to save it for contextual commentary , like if a clown had kidnapped Heisenbee or the captain had found a skateboard and was doing sick ollies on the RD's desk.  The best experiences I've had with VOX have been when other things are going on and I hear VOX poke fun at whatever bullshit everyone is getting up to.  I want to emulate that, and perhaps use it fuel more interesting gimmicks so I don't get murdered for running a war of the worlds broadcast gimmick again.  As quickly anyway.

Also I am typing this on my phone so if I'm below the word count I will happily edit in more blather when I get home.

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