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AI/VOX Access Application Template:
Alright all, this here will be your template for VOX access requests. Bare in mind that you will only be able to use it as AI - I'm not having one-man-narrations running around the halls.

Quote:Usual Character Name:
BYOND Username:
Current Status (Regular, Mentor, HOS, Badmin):

AI Experience (150 word minimum): 

Why do you want VOX:

How would you not run VOX into the ground (50 word minimum):

If you haven't been playing for about 3 months, you've still got a few corners to rub off the edges and probably shouldn't be applying. Sorry!
next time check this against the rest of the admin team yeah naba thanks

edit: ok you talked with singh or someone about this but we have an admin forum here for a reason come on son
I'm rejecting this application form!

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