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MollyMillions Or GrayShift
Admin name: MollyMillions or GrayShift, I don't know which.
Server: #2
Date/Time: 6/18/06, Around 1:15 AM CST is when the round started. Ended around 2:30 AM CST

Synopsis: Some shitter spawned themselves as a living toilet and gave themselves the ability to devour much like a shambler would, and tackle and slam into people like a killer tomato among other mobs can do.

 [Image: Gul7Ahr.png]

Extra Information: The only admins on after I got eaten were ISN, Grayshift, and MM. ISN was playing not shitty gimmicks, so I don't think it was him.
Sometimes a toilet eats you. This doesn't really seem like the end of the world, especially in a round where admins was already running gimmicks.
Maybe if the toilet were actually killable or stunnable, or you had some way of defending against it. Maybe, but I didn't. Got tackled, stunned, devoured, that's it. ISN's gimmick was simply going fast (and then slow after he lost his fast shoes). That was harmless, this actively took more than one person out of the round permanently, because devouring leaves no body behind. If the round was already chaos and everyone was dying, I definitely wouldn't be as mad, but this was extremely half-baked and shitty.
That was me doing the only destructive gimmick I've done all week. This was during an adminbus round at nearly an hour in that had dissolved into utter chaos due to an exploding sonic the hedgehog, narrator mode, and general massive destruction. I possessed a toilet and gave it the killer tomato knockdown and devour abilities. I flushed one dead person, one AFK person, and five living people (one of whom was given to me by a traitor) and, except for you, they all got revived (including the guy who was already dead) when I was easily defeated a very short time later. I'd have revived you too, but I didn't really appreciate the attitude.

Animated objects are slow-moving and super easy to kill. You have two notes in the last two weeks commenting on how you need to calm down and stop yelling at people. I had to tell you to calm down during the round prior when I was forced to restart the round right when it started due to a bug and you were shouting at me for restarting instead of finding a way to fix it. You then angrily demanded an antag token. 

It's completely valid if you disagree with how the admins do things, but you need to tone down the sass.
Okay so I get eaten by a living toilet and I'm not revived because you don't like my attitude even though it's somewhat understandable that someone got removed from a round by a stupid gimmick? Not to mention that was what you could hardly call an adminbus round, in my opinion. An adminbus round is cluwne meteors destroying half the station or lions infesting the atmos pipes. The narrator mode was purely cosmetic, and ISN going extremely fast was essentially harmless.
i was Sheer Heart Attack and i must say regretfully that i was unable to save saul from being devoured by the toilet. i should have just pulled him away instead of trying and failing to push the toilet away from him. sorry bro frown
I was in this round, and I too was killed by admin shenanigans and not revived. (I captured the fast and it exploded and gibbed me)

That being said, I don't think any admin was abusing power or anything, it was all good fun.

You were eaten by a toilet - thats hilarious! I think you're just thinking about all this the wrong way.
By playing on Goon, you accept that admin gimmicks will happen and they might occasionally kill you. Please don't try to redefine adminbus round for us. We wouldn't even be discussing this at all if you weren't immediately salty about things.

Quote:Synopsis: Some shitter

I mean, your ragecomplaint isn't even worth considering at all when you cannot do it with even an ounce of respect.

Quote:I'd have revived you too, but I didn't really appreciate the attitude.

In fact, you apparently almost immediately started to throw a tantrum, as if that ever achieved anything.
If a toilet ate me when i was still a player i would track the motherfucker down who did this to me and give them a giant hug.

But for real, if it was an admin round where the shit was flying then all bets are off. The admin round is a sacred institution and you will very probably most likely definitely die. And then be revived as a macho man werewolf. Or not if you start yelling at everyone and being abusive.

If you begin your complaint thread by calling them a shitter, i shudder to think of your composure at 0 hour.

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