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IRC ban (MollyMillions)
Look, man, I banned you because you were being an asshole. You can't hide behind "they're just my opinions" if you're being a dick in the way you express them. There are plenty of people with all kinds of differing opinions who manage to be civil in chat, but in this example, you came into a conversation and created a problem by escalating the tone beyond what was reasonable--something you've been both warned and banned for in the past. You were not the sole person to blame for all of that this time around, but the reasons you caught a ban have more to do with Rules 2 and 4 than they do with the liberal space station 13 agenda.

I came into this thread totally prepared to unban you, lock it, and call the issue finished, but here you are doubling down again. All I ever want to see in any appeal is, "I've read the rules and can participate without breaking them in the future." If you can give us that then we're good.
Lifted, please reply if you have any problems getting in.

edit to add: he got in, closing thread.

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