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IRC ban (MollyMillions)
Alright switching it up with some sauerkraut I cooked a month ago, any requests for food stuffs to be cooked?

[Image: g2kLkbMEuRG-rVcy5gvBnqQU76ckOZwn857Mp43t...16-h821-no]
The style of this appeal I don't approve of. It is a bit too salty for my taste. That being said, I don't think it ever should've gotten here - I'm far from agreeing to this being IRC ban-worthy.

EDIT: Jeez, that sauerkraut looks unappealing as all hell.
(06-16-2016, 06:57 PM)Marquesas Wrote: The style of this appeal I don't approve of. It is a bit too salty for my taste. That being said, I don't think it ever should've gotten here - I'm far from agreeing to this being IRC ban-worthy.

EDIT: Jeez, that sauerkraut looks unappealing as all hell.

It's sauerkraut, more of a sometimes thing for me. Sorry this wasn't completed, this was pasta I cooked about 2 months ago. Going to be the last image I post for now till I make something else.

[Image: palemoon_2016-06-16_20-01-41.png]
I'll be honest, I said in the logs, if people got shitty id be doing something about it, but I personally would have kicked both parties and said knock it off and take it back a notch. In game, yeah we have logs to take a side, but these are opinions and arguments, I don't agree with this ban at all. As enforcers of rules, we have a set of guidelines to follow, and we cant simply take the side of who we are most like, the position needs thick skin.
I've said many, many times that if it were anyone else it would have resulted in a kick and that was it. Wabash has a long history of this kind of behavior. I've banned him for it before. Others have banned him for it before.
I agree with HukHukHuk and Marquesas here. If this deserves a perma-ban from #goonstation than so does just about every political or current events discussion that's ever taken place there.
We may have banned him but we've also talked to him and let him back in after some time, this seems like you're trying to splode him without the rest of our inputs.
Sploding someone is a permaban from all servers. I have banned him from IRC (and just IRC) and denied this appeal. He is welcome to make another in the future.
I'm sorry, but no. Wabash has a history of being a dick, sure, I'll grant you that. He doesn't have a history of toxicity. I'm sorry if I earn your eternal hate for doing this but I'm going to argue that this ban should be lifted because it shouldn't even have been placed in the first place.
Is there a valid reason this thread's subject is trying to be force-turn the discussion to cooking other than to be a flippant ass trying to diminish and distract from what he did?
I mean christ I fuck up on the regular and you don't see me going "here's some cookies i made" or whatever.

This all reminds me of Kubius's IRC ban a while back were he was flat out just being an odious little shit, got canned for it, and then we all had to wring our hands and play devil's advocate for... some reason. I dunno about you but it's infuriating to me because I know we're better than this. Plus ya'll are fully aware that Molly does have a personal stake in the subject so as far as i'm concerned it's like waving a red flag at a bull while pelting it in the nads with an airsoft gun - what ends up happening to you is kind of a foregone conclusion.

You know, now that I think of it, I see this "I'm just playing devil's advocate" line pop up a lot and it's never got a good outcome. Exactly why do we need to give the other side of like EVERY fucking argument representation if no one present actually believes it? Good god, we're not the government. We're allowed to be partisan for pete's sake.
I feel it's different. I know where this is all going. You're also not making this easy for me wabash 'cause your derailment didn't help your case.

But I will defend you right to the end, even if it costs me my adminship, because honestly, this is a kneejerk ban and it shouldn't even have to be brought here. It will be a really, really bad precedent if this sticks.
(06-17-2016, 05:04 AM)Marquesas Wrote: even if it costs me my adminship

Not gonna happen. I'll fuckin' fight anyone who takes it that far.
Hi, I was told to open this thread back up by Hufflaw!
Rather than asking you to make a new thread, I've moved this one to the appropriate folder. Please review the new IRC rules here and make a new appeal in this thread with this format. I know this might seem like an unnecessary hoop to jump through but given how quickly this thing went to crap last time, I'd like to get a fresh start on it.

Please also note that there were problems with your initial appeal that hurt your case very badly even among people who did not support your ban. We aren't looking for people to come groveling in their appeals, but neither are flippancy or off-topic discussion appropriate in an appeal thread.
My IRC Username: wabash
Date and time of the ban: 6/13/2016
Who banned me: mollymillions
Message given in the kick, if present: ur gay
Summary of events leading up to the ban: I have a differing opinion and I didn't sugar coat it, I offended Esser-Z/was an ass to esser-z because esser-z says that he has authority on the subject of islam and homophobia because he is in fact gay and mollymillions logged on shortly after to ban me.
Why I should be unbanned: I understand that I was an asshole and certainly should be kicked for that, but I shouldn't be banned for a differing opinion.

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