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Security Abuse
Tteckk Wrote:Nark :x

Woah im not a busta man! Chill!

What im referring to is that on this thread people complain about players breaking multiple rules, yet they don't even report it at all.
I don't get how people could ignore adminhelp and instead sit screaming at an AI for a full round as it blatantly ignores laws, especially in the case of that one shit AI that was repeatedly playing and being awful.

Aside from that, there are a lot of things that go on that are really just brig-worthy offences; fighting, force-feeding silly things, drug/beer/whatever smoke, janitor wetting literally every floor, etc. However half the time people get bloodthirsty over shit like that and brutally murder the shit out of whoever did said thing. For example, I once got stabbed half to death over Hairgrownium smoke. Why? People want to have fun and generally that involves messing with someone else in some way.

Most players, especially Sec, seem absolutely hate fun (see: a Sec officer who attacked the DnD group with flashbangs and then whined for 20 minutes about being robusted by nerds). It's generally easier on both the officer and the players if everyone just ignores the mundane; you really don't need to break out the taser because someone bonked a window out of Electronics, or because someone starts a barfight.

not sure where I was going or coming from with this post but it's done now so there
Cogwerks Wrote:Haha, what? We don't automatically ban people just because they got adminhelped, especially if it's just because they were confused about something.
Please keep this in mind when adminhelping things, people. frown

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