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Official Donut 2 FIX THIS SHIT Thread
I fixed telescience in this mockup. https://i.imgur.com/Qy1pdRf.png
The remote gets added in the RD's office. If you know telescience, you could just warp it out of their office or ask them for the portasci application for your pda.
The Artlab isn't connected to the powernet, there is a break in the wire under the middle window where it's supposed to be electrified. The artlab server might be missing it's thinktape too.

Only one of the solars has a sun tracking sensor.
(11-09-2017, 01:32 PM)Roomba Wrote: Something is really messed up with Donut 2 atmos. CO2 out of nowhere, pressure spikes between negative and tens of thousands, eldritch space winds pulling everyone to escape. Donut should probably be taken out of rotation until this is fixed.

To add to this atmos issue, even Zeta outpost gets heavily effected with everything being dragged to the shuttle docking port, so a breach on either the station or outpost screws up the atmos indefinitely at the docking ports if the shuttle gets used.
i have an idea of what the atmos issue could be but since donut2 map file doesn't appear in the public code release, i can't really confirm/fix it
I bring this thread back from the dead to note that the Toxins Storage room on Research Station Zeta is maint access only. On a whole station staffed solely by Scientists.

Similarly, none of the Scientists have access to Pathology, even though the Path Lab is on Research Station Zeta. Probably a relic from the days Pathology was part of Research. Could, perhaps, the Medical staff get access into Research Station Zeta? (But without access to any of the labs or other facilities besides Path, obviously).
More Zeta bugs:

- New-style windows, data terminals, and Telescience stuff aren't destroyed when the nuclear charge goes off.

- Artifact lab isn't wired up to the station's main grid, and even when I manually connected it I wasn't able to connect to the mainframe.
Posted this on the mushroom thread but it applies to donut too.

Please add some forensics scanners to security.
Can we get magboots in engineering so we can go into the general area of space around the singularity without getting pulled into the containment field and instantly put into crit? That or make it so touching the containment field no longer instacrits you.

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