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HoS application
Usual Character Name: Turd Ferguson
BYOND Username: ZCamperz
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Times Available: 4pm-10pm weekdays.  5pm-howeverlongistayup weekends.

Reason for Application (300 word minimum): i love ss13. it is and has been one of my favorite games for a long time. i have probably been playing this game more than any 60$ game i have bought in the past. i have tried my hands on various stations, but i just kinda stuck with goon. i always loved goons "toolbox or be toolboxed" atmosphere maybe about 3 years on ss13 as a whole, i know this gave fairly well. not as good as some people, but i get the gist of it. it is a very chill environment with nice people. i think i have played this long enough to take the responsibility of the HoS. a huge portion of my rounds are as security officer,and i dont think i have ever gotten any warnings about my playstyles, so i think i could fit this very well. i also feel i can take on the heat being HoS gets during rounds. i also would probably shit around alot and make fun gimmicks, like making sec enforce some laws(good laws)or something similar. one of the most useful things, i want to be able  to make use of the crowd dispersal grenades, as they look really handy, also, extra bomb suits are always a good thing. one of the only times i get mad in this game, is when we get nuke ops and the entire station is screwed because we dont have armory access(or incompetent greyshirts) and i wish i can make myself feel like i at least TRIED. all in all, i have had a fair amount of time in ss13 and i am pretty decent, so i am applying to you. i have been debating making an application for months, i have just been putting myself down, because i kept telling myself i would get shot down, so, im gonna take the shot.

Security Experience (300 word minimum): at the start of my ss13 career, i rarely ever played sec or played it and never taken it seriously. now, i play sec alot of the time and i really enjoy it. it is also a nice feeling to save a greyshirt in distress from a baddie, not even as a joke. my life is so boring i get satisfaction saving a virtual spaceman in a spaceman game on the computer. but as i said before, i play security ALOT. i am pretty good in handling major and minor crimes. minor crimes? usually like 30 sec brig time and a search. i always like making gimmicks out of major crimes, public execution being one of my favorites. i think my playstyles are pretty good, like healing people i hurt, and not snapping peoples necks for trying to steal a spacesuit. i always hate when i do something that cuts a round short for someone, as i really hate when that happens to me. i try to use GOOD sources of evidence, not going off the word of a greyshirt going "HE HIT ME WITH A SPOON GO GET HIM" over the radio. i use the tools of the trade effectively as secman, i have seen so many people stun a person then forget to cuff him, so he runs away 10 seconds later. people also underestimate FLASHBANGS. it seems nobody uses them, even thought they are reaaaly good. i also know some nifty tricks, like LOOKING AT THE LIGHT ON A DISPOSALS, as i have seen so many secmen get shaken by not looking in a disposals. if i get approved, i think i can make the station a tiny bit more habitable to be in, and make it less boring and more intresting for traitors and non traitors alike.
In your opinion, what are the flaws and benefits of the current security layout (brig, cells, security room etc):

front desk: i hate how you can deconstruct the table in the main hall, go into the room, break the window around portabrig, and then scoot around that disposals chute. i have seen someone break in that one time and it bugs me to this day

cells: there should be a portaflash in every cell, i think

armory: armory is secure, only thing is that i would like solid walls on the side the doors are on

brig: the bathroom is REALLY close to that maintenance, so somebody could thermite a wall and he would be out instantly.(technically, a traitor could do that to any part and it would be fucked, but im not mentioning that)

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will): a couple months ago about me leaving a mousetrap pipebomb backpack in escape as non traitor
No offense, but I rarely see you as an officer. I see you as a scientist/batman a lot more often, and the impressions I have of you in those roles is...not the greatest. Maybe I'm completely off-base and you're a wonderful officer, but I would not say yes for now.
Yeah... No offense either, but I've only seen your name once and I've only been unable to play for a week. I recognize your ckey more than your character name which is strange.
While you are a good player I don't often see you as an officer, I see you as various other roles all the time. You are a robust individual though, I recommend you play Sec a bit more, I'll definitely vouch for you though.
Your application reads like an interior monologue - it's a bit hard to pin down where your points continue or end definitely.

Can we get someone to vouch for your security experience? I personally have no recollection of you as sec officer (or in-game in general), and it doesn't seem like you're well recognized in that role.

Another thing to comment about - it seems that half of your reason for applying involves being robust and wanting to make more use of gear in the armory. There's nothing inherently wrong with that, but that not really the main point of being the HoS. I don't think you've mentioned anything on security teamwork or keeping them in line at all.

Your heart is in the right place for fun and gimmicks, but I don't think you're ready for it yet.

A definite no.

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