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Don Geon (UrsulaMejor)'s Mentor application
Usual Character Name: Don Geon // DONGEON_MASTER.exe

BYOND Username: UrsulaMejor

Recommended by (if applicable): N/A

Times Available: 6-10ish pm pst
(Almost always on g4)

Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum):

To me, SS13 has become more of an online community than a 2d top down isometric sidescrolling space man simulator, and I've come to seriously enjoy the forums and IRC discussions we have almost as much as I enjoy the game itself. I want to be a bigger part of that community, and to put in some effort into making it better, more fun, and more deeply enjoyable to new players and old players alike. I think that being a mentor, despite its drawbacks, is how I want to accomplish this.

let's be honest, ss13 is not an intuitive game, and the wiki is run by a depressingly small number of editors who can't keep up with everything. Mentors are one of the best possible solutions to this: other, trusted players who can answer your questions in real time and make an effort to guiding you through the steep learning curve, whether this is your first round or your eightieth. I feel like I can be this person.

This is because I am already making it a point to be as helpful as I possibly can in game to people willing to accept it. As AI, I often find myself guiding people through some tasks over the intercom or with my shell, and I deeply enjoy doing this. I've been playing for almost two years now, with the majority of my experience coming from the first six months and the last six months (I played less often in that interim time for a variety of reasons). There are very few questions I don't know how to answer off the top of my head, and the others I'm almost certain I'll know exactly where to look it up. And for the few times I don't? There are plenty of other players who I trust that I could ask for help from as well.

All in all, I'm enthusiastic, I'm reasonably experienced, and I want to do my part to help new players get a leg-up into the community.

Your opinion of Shrek (5 word minimum):

A mysterious name,for
a fell ogre.

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will): a recent, quickly resolved job ban for blowing up toxins when I was frustrated and angry; a mistake anyone could have made.
Yep been around for awhile and is not bad at all. Fitting for this position
Going to say yes, fun to hang with, never has caused any problems I've seen, and I'm sure you know your stuff and will help others gain knowledge.
This would be a yes from me. I stand by what I said in your HoS application, but it virtually doesn't apply to being a mentor, and you're certainly knowledgeable enough.
Don is great. Not a good enough chemist in my opinion, but then again thats like 7 people for me. Otherwise he's knowledgable enough. Also forever remember Lightspeed.
Yep from me, pretty knowledgeable and a good guy.
He's overall a pretty cool and knowledgeable guy. When new stuff comes out he's there trying to figure it out. My only gripe is every one in a blue moon he can be a real turd but otherwise great guy, Give him the purple text.
Yeah this guy knows his shit and is pretty decent, mentor he.
I said yes for HOS last time. So I'mma say yes for mentor this time.
Don is very knowledgeable, he would probably make a great mentor.
I actually thought you already were a mentor. Big yes, can't find a fault.

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