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Mentor Application: ErikHanson - Clark Clarkson
Usual Character Name: Clark Clarkson
BYOND Username: Erikhanson
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Times Available: I lurk around IRC nearly 24/7, and i play frequently

Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum):
Yeah, well my mentor status was revoked after some odd things which i'd rather not bring back up, but i'd really would love to become a mentor again, I do have the mindset and knowledge that makes a great mentor, and i'm quite sure that there are several developers and administrators that can vouch for that fact that i've been a great help for the past few months on the front of keeping track, and maintaining a secret list of all exploits, and issues that i've discovered during my playtime, alongside smashing the .rsc size into something smaller, and not being a dick i guess?

The knowledge that i've gathered in the past few months is fairly substantial. i'm pretty competent within engineering, mechanics, science, i'm totally obsessed with telescience, botany, chemistry and running weird gimmicks, such as shoving a heapload of bees into escape, giving away inf cash, or sending pictures via the PDA system, yes that was me! Besides that i love to show people the quirky things that made me fall in love with goonstation.

Even tough i have less playtime than some of the average mentors, or admins, i do have a lot of knowledge about the game due to the fact that i've spent most of my time on #1 with other friends, and random people figuring out the good ending to the solarium, and playing around with other mechanics, my job preferences are always set to random, with the exception of AI and Cyborg being disabled, i strongly dislike playing a silicon due to the fact that it's generally a lot harder to do chemistry, and other tasks.

I'm also someone who lurks on the IRC, Both SA threads, the forum, and i'm also one of those turbonerds that likes to spend 8 hours on #1 trying to figure out where the good ending to the solarium is.

I'm well aware that this re-application might fail badly, but i truly think that i would be good mentorship material due to the fact that i have a extensive knowledge about the entire game, its engine, and the fact that i truly like helping people, please give me my purple text back <3

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will): I've had a few small bans, which where mostly due to miscommunitcation between me and the developers.
Due to the circumstances under which you were de-mentored, you will not be allowed to re-apply for a mentor or HoS position.

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