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Increase Phase Shift Cooldown
There's only a small fraction of the crew willing to go after and capable of taking on the wizard in any given round. The longer wizard-fighting is prolonged, the higher the chance that A: the wizard is killed three minutes in the round or B: the wizard kills and mugs all his attackers, at which point the only people who could have stopped the wizard are dead and he's now armed with all their stuff, and the rest of the round is a free killing spree.
Not to mention that robbing an ID takes time, and most likely every crewman is going to be rushing your location. It's not impossible, but it can be difficult.
does phase shift still have that several second period where you phase back in but are still invisible/can't be hit? fixing that would make the spell way more manageable, because as it stands wizards have a few seconds to queue up magic missile and a fireball where they can't be hit
Hufflaw Wrote:I honestly think that by slightly increasing the cooldown on phase shift we could get more interesting fights with the wizards with them being required to actually use their wits and spells in an effective way to combat the crew instead of killing without any issues.
I'm with Sundance, here. Decreasing the effectiveness of the single most universally useful defensive spell in a wizard's arsenal will mean that the already notoriously small lifespan of the average wizard will be rendered even shorter or that wizards will be forced to take another slot for something like forcewall or blink, which greatly stunts the extent to which they can arrange their spells in any kind of interesting and effective manner. Like I said before, when you're an antagonist that has half the station after your head and can be absolutely RUINED with a single click if you're caught at the wrong time, a quick, repeatable, and no-strings-attached getaway button is a necessity.

If the playstyle of the wizard was to make a change in mechanics, then maybe phase shift wouldn't be quite as much of a necessity, but that's a conversation for another thread.
going to reiterate that i don't think a wizard should ever have to take certain spells just to remain effective at moving around the station. If a wizard wants to take Warp, Forcewall, Pandemonium, and Soulguard then they should still have the ability to phase shift around the station. Note that this setup doesn't include any directly offensive spells that can stun someone long enough to steal an ID, and no utility to steal a weapon with to steal an ID with.

Also, I'd like to mention that a stunned/confused wizard can't move around normally even with phase shift. If you stun baton a wizard or taser them into submission or beat them into crit with a fire extinguisher and then they try to phase shift away, they have a very limited time to move around in (due to not having their staff) and often can't even move at all and reappear in the same spot or nearly the same spot.

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