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DMI -> PNG unpacker
Ever had the pleasure of doing this?

[Image: 2015-10-12_06-18-28.gif]

It's fun, ain't it? Well I made a DMI unpacker, which takes a DMI file and unpacks it into its component images.

So instead the process looks like this:

[Image: 2015-10-12_06-25-44.gif]

If nothing else, this should at least make updating the wiki easier, since extracting icons is a pain.

Source and instructions provided on: Github DMI2PNG.

Unfortunately I had to share this under GPL, I'd've preferred MIT, but I'm using some MediaWiki stuff, which forces me into GPL.

Wow, this looks really handy, thanks!
This should be stickied in the sprites subforum IMO.
This is online.
I don't quite understand what that website has to do with this. This is a dmi unpacker, if you wish to convert a dmi to a png and keep it as a tileset (meaning a single image with multiple sprites), then you can just change the extension from .dmi to .png, you don't need any tool for it. Actually, here's an old video showing how to easily do DMI -> PNG -> DMI.

Instead of that, the purpose of this DMI -> PNG unpacker is to unpack the dmi file into individual images when it's the images themselves that you want. This is not really a tool intended to be used in the process of editing sprites for SS13 - I simply don't see where it'd be useful there. Instead it's a way to quickly get sprites when you want the sprites themselves - for example for use on a wiki, on websites or in other projects, which can't automatically read DMI files. This was something I developed for my own needs and shared in case someone else finds it useful at some point. I'm not claiming it's a tool which will be useful to spriters or wiki editors on a daily basis. big grin

Anyway, if you have any comments, bug reports, feature requests or need to get in touch, please post on Github. I made a thread like this on all the major SS13 forums and probably won't keep up with all the threads forever.
Looks super neat. Thanks a bunch!
I converted this into a easier-to-use online version - bulk unpack DMI files without effort! woop woop
Awesome! I'm glad to see it expanded on!

I've also realised I never made a how-to video on this, so I made one now! Would appreciate it if a mod added this to the OP as well! 

Admin Edit: You could've done it yourself, but done.
Lime Edit: Oh! Sorry, I didn't know editing posts was allowed now! Thanks! <3

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