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This is not a postcount++ idiocy forum. Sound out ideas, sure, but knock off the stupidness or we'll have to start locking people out of here / removing them from the forum.

Please make your topic titles clear, showing what the idea is about.


How do we envisage this forum working?

1. Post your idea with clear explanation.
2. Wait to gain support / disapproval from other players and admin staff.
3a. If the idea is good and is about to be placed in game or already exists, it will be placed in the Good Ideas forum.
3b. If the idea is good and the moderation team think it will fit within the game, it will be placed in the Idea Limbo forum, where a coder / coders will decide whether it is doable.
3c. If the thread is poor or the idea is unfeasible or ill thought out, it will be placed in the Bad Idea section.

Let's see how it goes.
In case anyone has noticed post counts mysteriously dropping lately, I've just been straight-up deleting a lot of the stupid off-topic nonsense in this forum when I see it.

The forum mode is now: grumpmode

If you don't have worthwhile feedback to contribute to a suggestion thread, don't post. Thoughtful criticism or thoughtful support are both very worthwhile, obviously. Smug forum injokes are not worthwhile.

If you can't be bothered to format your posts in a reasonable manner, don't post.

Knock off all the dumb injoke shit in here. If you guys want any of these suggestion threads to be read by coders, stop turning threads into inane "bring back poo and give that poo lasers and changeling powers hehhhh :3" bullshit constantly.

Good critique can certainly be harsh, that is fine. Bouncing ideas around back and forth is also rad, but please try to stay on topic. Don't use other people's threads as a platform for your own feature requests unless the original poster's writeup requests that kind of contribution. Too many threads get derailed to hell and back when someone proposes something cool and everyone else feels the need to bloat the hell out of it with a billion addons. Talk about the original idea unless they are asking for more ideas, or it's something that will directly help their idea.

Also: remember that the bug report forum exists
If your suggestion is to fix something that is legit broken or appears to have a serious code or design flaw, use the bug report forum for that.
Here's a recommendation for you before you post your idea here.

Think it through

What does this mean in practise? Let's say you figure you just came up with the greatest, most hilarious idea ever and "wouldn't it be funny if it was in SS13" you say to yourself. Good going. Now write that down somewhere. Not here, do not post your idea yet.

I want you to drop the idea safely where you wrote it down, maybe ponder a few things about it.

Let it sit for a few hours, ideally even sleep on it.

Then come back to your idea, read it.

Still a great idea? Post away!

If not, then feel free to not post your idea here. Chances are it wouldn't have held up to scrutiny anyway.
Hopefully this will get rid of the kinda low-effort ideas that make us all roll our eyes and won't get implemented anyway from cluttering this forum, so that genuinely good ideas will be easier to pick out.

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