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Camera Implants!
Paineframe Wrote:
BaneOfGiygas Wrote:
Paineframe Wrote:Implants sound horrible, they're way too hard to remove.
Drag onto table, apply glass shard or scalpel. Implant gone. And in the event that they're being used to track down released criminals by security, they damn well SHOULD be hard to remove or they'd have no purpose.
There's no tables in maintenance. It's a whole lot harder than pulling off a camera hat or even an electropack.
There are, however, tools in maintenance. And walls. You can use a welder to steal some metal off a wall and then craft it into a table.
Alternatively instead of a camera implant, why not a camera you can attach to your jumpsuit?
A camera implant would be a bit OP but a jumpsuit can be taken off easily.
I suggested it here :

Having it only broadcast a 3x3 image of whats around the crewmember would make it more balanced.

ALSO signal jammers would block it.
this is a thing now

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