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Mechanics rework: Get your ideas in now
How about attaching mechanical components to items? Like, a lock mechanism on a crate? Maybe make your own version of the kind of crates you find in space?

Minecraft style dispenser. It has a infinite internal storage of items and is password locked. It has a strength variable and dispense variable. Strength is the number of tiles the items will be launched, and dispense is the name of the item that should be dispensed. If the item is not present, it should dispense a random item from its storage.
This would allow for neat stores.

I second the idea of a credit card payment component.
IMO make the already-existing credit payment devices compatible with components instead of inventing a whole new one that does their job.
I'd like to see more uses for things like the Tripod, gears, coils. Things like clocks and clockwork devices would be a neat thing to make, and those curiosities would certainly sell well, making cargo actually supply those lazy greysuits with materials to make all sorts of stuff.
The mention of clocks reminds me that setting long triggers is a bit of a pain. A Time component would be neat for that. I mean, things like sending a signal every set minutes, returning the shift time, or having it trigger when a set shift time is met.
i'm surprised no one has said it yet but it'd be really neat if you could put something like this in a wall and have it triggered by a pressure plate or something

[Image: LXCAQDA.jpg]
A power switch.

It would need 8 boolean values which represent the 8 directions wires travel in: ne, n, nw, w, sw, se, e. The state of the values dictate whether or not the component will allow power to flow in that direction. The duration of the connection could could set (via input) to be on, off, or toggled. Timing would be in seconds, and would be set in 'seconds' through input.

Now, why would I want this? Why wouldn't I, I say!
Great ideas all around. I'll be closing this now since i have plenty to work with.

Thanks for the ideas and feedback, everyone!

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