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Traits - Suggestions
Hey be sure you guys look at previous posts because a lot of you have said the same things as others. Yaaaay!  Happy happy yay!
Wonkmin Wrote:Soggy was a very silly suggestion on my part when Keelin first mentioned the idea of traits.

I was being daft and he was a love by putting it in - but when it's thought through then yes I can see how it could cause some problems.
Maybe change it to creating more gibs than normal when gibbing. Or having gibs knocked off when taking damage?
Also, do people's traits show up anywhere? Medical records or something?
Frank_Stein Wrote:Also, do people's traits show up anywhere? Medical records or something?

Applicable traits totally should if they don't already.
Bitcoin Believer (+2): Your bank account is paid entirely in bitcoins which constantly change value instead of space cash, attempts to pick up space cash result in you compulsively shredding it into nothing, attempts to use the card swipe money transfer devices fail unless the owner accepts bitcoin.
Flatuphobia: Farting scares the living poo out of you. Go into screaming fits and random spasms whenever somebody farts! -5 (You'll have a hard time when using this trait)
Bumless: Spawn with no butt. How terrifying! -2
Ahh crap I just noticed they should be +5 and +2, not minus. Admin please fix thx.
Smelly: Passerby are disgusted by your rank odor. Causes people to harmlessly cough or make some sort of grossed-out emote. +1
Funny Face: We all dream to be funny, but maybe not for this reason. Other crewmembers and even NPCs will sometimes giggle at your weirdo-lookin' mug. +1
Horrifying Presence: You're one bad-looking dude. Crewmen that see you will sometimes scream in fear! Good for street cred, bad for stealth. -1
Hyper: CALM DOWN! This trait makes the crewman hop around the station and twitch when stationary. -1
Stuntman: Getting hit by/falling off of vehicles knocks you down and stuns you for a shorter period of time. You're trained for this! -2
Coulda Gone Pro... Sports equipment, specifically balls, fly further and hit harder when you toss them. -2
Tri-riffic: With arms like this, you've GOTTA show the world! All of your jumpsuits and overwear (spacesuits, coats, etc) are sleeveless allowing you to show off your sick tribal tats. -1
Wanna See It Dance?: You have a pretty cool tattoo and can show it off using the *tattoo emote. -1
Blue-Blooded?: You knew there was something funny in those Gushers you ate as a kid. Your blood is tinged a different color and, in certain cases, glows in the dark. Bloodariffic! +1
Teetotaler: Alcohol is poison. POISON! You are strictly non-alcoholic and will toss your cookies if even a drop of beer touches your lips. +1
Nice Catch: Thrown objects will sometimes smack you square in the gob, causing you to take more damage. Watch your head! +2
Spaceaphobic: Oh god, why did you take this job? Standing on a space tile causes your crewmember to scream like a banshee until they return to a safe spot. +1
I've Seen Some Shit... A few tours in Space 'Nam left you with somewhat of a jaded worldview. Your crewman growls every word like someone who's seen way too much. -1
Shy Guy/Gal: Your crewman stutters and whispers parts of their speech unless they have a face-obscuring mask on. +1
Very Unfortunate Individual: You are really inept, like, really inept. Every gun has a chance of blasting you in the head like a Russian revolver, every blunt object a chance of a toolboxing suicide, every sharp object a chance of slicing some major artery. I wouldn't even pick up that piece of paper, just in case you fall and cut yourself over and over on the way down.
One more that I totally forgot

]I Have A Drinking Problem: You just can't help it. Whenever you pick up a glass of something, trying to drink it may result in you splashing the contents on yourself or the floor.
Robust Genetics: Less chance to mutate when exposed to radiation or a mutagen chem. Your genetic stability is also increased by 33%. -3

True Believer: You can use the Bible to heal/horribly brain damage people, just like the Chaplain. You don't gain any other Chaplain abilities. -1

Is it really that time again?: You spawn wearing a labcoat and with a crowbar, that you deal slightly more damage with. Unfortunately, you're also a mute! -1

Cyberdrug Enthusiast: Spawn with a bottle of ??? pills in your backpack. -1

Technophile: Spawn with one random implant, cyborg limb or a nanomachines pill. -2

Conspriacy Theorist: Nanotrasen are out to get us, man! We're all slaves to the machine! Impossible to spawn as a Head role or Security, you can't use security gear like Tasers, E-Guns or Flashes in fear of it being "corrupt", and causes you to randomly scream or make snide remarks whenever you see a Head or Security Officer. +3

Gas Breather:You have "evolved" past regular humans and can now breathe CO2 and Plasma as if they were air, and with no ill effects. Too bad normal air is now just as toxic as either of them! You spawn with an air tank filled with plasma and wearing a breath mask. -1
Eau de Catnip - Cats are drawn to your scent and will follow you. -1
Geek: Tries to spawn video games things randomly. Nerver works. +1
Do the flop person: You know the "Do the flop song"? Each time you dance you do the flop. Doing the flop gives 1 brute damage. +1
Sixth Sense: You can see what traits other people have by examining them (Couldnt think of a better name)
TheOnlyRyan Wrote:Sixth Sense: You can see what traits other people have by examining them (Couldnt think of a better name)

I think this should be a priority one. Maybe just call it Observant like in the Sims.

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