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Traits - Suggestions
Criminal Scum +2 Start with your status set to arrest.
Loving those traits! Thanks for the numerous ideas.
It'll take a while but i'll try to implement all of these.

Keep them coming!
Martian: Spawn as a martian. For some reason. -1 Point
Fish: Spawn as a purple squidward, minus the music lessons. -1 Point
Cockroach: Spawn as a disgusting insect, because you're a weirdo. -1 Points

Since I hadn't seen these posted already.
Two Left Feet +1 You suck at dancing. Attempting to use the *dance emote ends with cringe inducing results.
Butterfingers: Randomly drop stuff you're holding. +2?
Stutter: Have trouble getting your words out +1.
Cardio: Less chance of rolling heart failure and shock. -2
Grappler: More successful grabs. -2
Monkey Handler: You can grab monkeys without making them mad at you. -1

Weak heart: More likely to suffer form heart failure and shock. +2
Buzzkill: Bees will become aggressive when they see you. + 1
Space bear: -3, spawn as a space bear, don't get hurt by space bears
Wasp/Wendigo/Wendigo King/etc.: Same as space bear
Ex-traitor: -2, can see who is a traitor
Solid ghost: -5, can see ghosts and wraith, can talk with deadchat and living people
Suicider: +2, will try to be killed the fastest, doesn't care about being mindslaved
Bomb: +2, will explode 10 minute after he/she joined, will always exlode after the 10th minute (concern cloning)
Very healthy: -3, has 110-180% health
Triathlete: Always run at full speed, even if you don't have legs! -2
Cursed: You have a big red target painted on your back for any passing malevolent admins +2
Fake Doctorate: Higher chance of surgery failure when operating +1
Technophobe: Cannot have robotic limbs attached +1
Medical Knowledge: Can identify medical chems in a beaker without goggle -1
Unstable/Robust Genetics: More/Less likely to mutate when irradiated +1/-1
Conductive: Arc Flashes target you before anyone else. +1
Electrician at Heart: If you are a Mechanic, your ID starts as Electrician instead -1
Good Reflexes: Can catch things thrown at you randomly even if you are not on help intent with throw mode on. -1
Impulsive - Will sometimes compulsively punch people, make rude/threatening gestures, and/or blurt out various phrases/words. +1
Sensitive Skin - Take more damage from touch reactions (acid, itching powder, etc.) +1
Human Torch - Extends the time that you remain on fire when ignited. +2
Moneybags - Spawn with a hefty amount of dosh. And I mean credits, not gold bars. -1
Android - Start with a machine translator implant that cannot be removed. -1
Major Lung Deficiency (better name pending) - Spawn with a breath mask and an oxygen tank. If your internals are switched off, you begin suffocating regardless of current atmosphere. +3
Limp - Spawn with a limp, making you move at a slower pace. Can be fixed if replacement legs are acquired. +1
Collector - Spawn with a rare or unique trinket as your heirloom item. -1
One with Nature - Bees are automatically friendly to you. Animal critters such as bears and wasps either don't attack you or are less likely to attack you. -2
Easily Startled - Seeing scary and spooky things makes you scream and inflicts a very short stun. +2
Clumsy - Basically gives you a possibly downsized version of what the clown has. Tripping on your own shoes, stabbing yourself with bananas, etc. +2
Clarification: When I say "bees are automatically friendly to you" I mean that they basically identify you as their "owner" for the purposes of defense against attackers even if you're not actually their owner.
Weak Heart: You have a very weak heart. Being Tased or stunned by a baton increases the chance of your heart stopping.
New Jersey Accent You now talk like Tommy
Eye Patch You now have to wear a Eye patch or else your bad eye gets infected and you go blind.
Speed You run a little faster than everyone else
Trouble with faces: Everyone shows up as unknown. +2
Big Feet: Only the clown shoes fit, but you won't trip in them. 0
Picky eater: Only certain foods can be eaten. Being force fed something you don't like causes nausea, vomiting. +1
Acrobatic: No cooldown on the flip emote. Doesn't help with suplexes. -1
Escape artist: Resist out of cuffs slightly faster. Can resist out of the straight jacket. Speed increased when also blindfolded. -2

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