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Traits - Suggestions
Beloved German Keelin is now working on a trait system which will let you further customise your character if you wish to. This will be optional and you will never be forced to choose traits.

Some are purely cosmetic; currently being a lizard and/or Swedish are options. Some are debilitating; starting with a natural cough, for instance. Some will cost points to add on, some will take away points when you add them on. The idea is to get to 0 - so if you wanted two positive traits, you'd need to take two negative etc.

Keelin would be very grateful for any suggestions being placed in this thread.

These can be cosmetic, positive or negative.

Please think carefully about whether they are too powerful or too harmful - they will need to be balanced. One example from IRC was exploding like an explosive implant when you die. This wouldn't work for obvious reasons.

I think this is a great idea so thanks to Keelin for getting this going!

Currently in:

Swedish: Spawn with a Swedish accent. -1 Point
Lizard: Spawn as a lizard, not a human. -1 Point
Cough: Spawn with a cough. +1 Point
Needs glasses: Spawn with short-sightedness and prescription glasses. +1 Point
Strong willed: Less likely to be addicted to chemicals. -1 Point
Pushy: More successful disarms. -2 Points
Doomed: Events have a chance of outright killing you on the spot. +2 Points

Get shot in the head, fall off the diving board and break your neck, surgery accidents, have fun with it.
Unliked: 95% chance to be targeted by an antagonist/gun/explosion
Imaginary friend: A hallucination-type mob follows you around, says random lines to you and sometimes hugs you. Respawns near you if you get separated. -1 Point
Social awkwardness: Small chance to replace a word in your speech or make you perform a different emote than intended. +1 Point
Can't keep a secret: Tiny chance per life cycle to make you blurt out an excerpt of your notes. +2 Points
Fat: spawn with a incurable version of the fat gene -1
Sure footed: fairly good chance of avoiding slipping on anything wet floors,banana peels,space etc. -2
Klepto: causes you to rifle randomly through people's possessions and take things without your control. +1
Poor hygiene: start with the irritable bowls and BO mutation. +1
Robotic limb -1 point (either one robotic arm, or 2 robotic legs, both light.)
Arm-less +1 points (cannot be replaced by robotics)
Partial blindness +1 point (requires you to get prescription glasses, cannot be cured by oculine)
Allergen +1 point (randomized medical chemical that you are allergic to [will appear in your notes], and you will have an adverse reaction causing Anaphylaxis [cured by antihistamine] something for the doctors to watch out for)
Awful gas -1 point (your farts are long and trombone-y and any player you fart on will vomit. Your fart however is slow to recharge)
Adamantium Skeleton -1 points. (Your limbs are far less likely to fall off in an explosion)
Chem resistant -1 points. (all chems deplete slower in your body and you are far less likely to suffer from addictions. Note that this is ALL chems, including poison)
Heavy handed -1 points. (You're fairly buff. Punches you throw deplete more stamina from other players [but in turn also deplete more stamina from you])
Smooth talker -1 points. (Your haggling skills with traders [whether it be with QM or not] is significantly improved.)
Stammer +1 points. (could be integrated with cough, as a form of speech impediment)
Puritan +2 points (You will gib upon cloning, whether you want to or not. Make the best of your life here and now. You can however be borged.)
Survivalist -1 points (food will heal at deep orange for you)
Weak frame +1 points (you are far more likely to gib)
Hemophilia +1 points (you bleed a bit more than your average joe)
Weak stomach +1 points (gross smells from corpses, significant amount of blood, piss, generally horrible things will make you vomit and cause a short stun. Someone with the awful gas trait will make this player vomit and pass out)
Cat eyes -1 (you see 2 tiles further in the dark. This includes if you have a light source)
Hot blooded -1 (Your temperature regulates much quicker. For example if you were in very cold terratory and moved to a normal temperature area, you shake off the cold much quicker than your average joe)

Attention-seeker: Able to bash on tables without wearing lawyer suit.
Pitcher: Stronger throwing arm. Objects thrown with the force of a mass ejector. That's a thing, right?
The New Kid: Sparkles. A V face sparkling like an idiot
Smoker: Either does not process nicotine in body or does not absorb anything from smokes. Point being, I thought smoking spacemen looked silly in a good way, and they haven't really been able to smoke for a year or so due to overdose reactions and nicotine breaking down into other things that make your spaceman messed up.
Noir: Able to monologue.*


Noir: World appears in shades of gray.*
Clumsy (Clown trait): Suffer the clumsiness of being a clown without actually being a clown.
DX Syndrome: Body rejects cyborg modifications.
Travel sickness: Vomits when riding with segways, pods, etc.
Afraid of guns: Unable to pick up guns.
Afraid of x animal: Automatically screams if chosen animal type is nearby.
Haemophiliac: Bleeds easily from bruises, and it doesn't stop without medical treatment.
Allergic to x: Pick a chemical substance or food to be allergic to. I like the idea of an antagonist killing someone by giving them a thing they're allergic to.

*I think opting for noir monologues should force noir vision.
medsal15 Wrote:Unliked: 95% chance to be targeted by an antagonist/gun/explosion
replace antagonist/gun/explosion with mobs/critters and we have a deal.

Critical limb ischemia: One of your limbs fall off at random times.
Childish: One of your hands always has to have your trinket item on it. If it doesn't you suffer withdrawal symptoms similar to a drug addiction. +1 point
Abomination: You basically appear as that failed clone monster, can't use one hand and you can't attach one on yourself either. +1 point
You got a friend in me: You start off with a monster attacking you. +1 point
Deaf: Start out deaf and your headset is an auditory headset. +2 points.
Illegal immigrant: You got here by stowing away. Of course you don't have an ID or PDA. +1 point
Don Wrote:Blargh blargh, noir, blargh
Make it so that noir vision keeps the red color, but everything else is gray. Heh.
Could the traits system have an option akin to the Supply Crate, that gives you a number of random traits with no regard to the sum of their Points?
Bloody Mess: Attacks with blades/explosives have a bigger chance of de-limbing people on the spot. -2
Too Cool For School: Spawn with sunglasses. -1
Ex-Wrestler: Spawn with a wrestling belt Do more damage and stun people longer for performing wrestling moves. -3
Squeamish: You have a higher Chance to pass out at the sight of blood

Blood donor (can't think of a better name): You have a higher chance to bleed from attacks. Bleed more

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