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Dions Dopamine (Dions)
Usual Character Name: Dions Dopamine
BYOND Username: Dionsu
Recommended by: Gannets, Haine
Times Available: Varies (poor sleeping habits)

Reason for Application + Game Experience: I would like to apply for mentor because I've had lots of help learning this game, and would like to return the favor. Also I would like to see more people familiar with the game's mechanics so that more interesting things happen in rounds. My experience with SS13 is primarily medbay, but I've learned several mechanics because of it (repairs to medbay, making meds with chemistry, dabbling with wiring and electrical systems, gas systems etc) I'm also familiar with the workings of every job's workstations and equipment. Basically I have knowledge enough to do any job with passing competency, and a fairly complete grasp of medicine.

Previous Bans: None.
Hey, Dions. Shall I cook up something special for you in Path? You'll love it, now that I've gotten partially around the stacking limits....

Seriously though, Dions is online very frequently and can be seen all over the station - especially the medical wing. Having them on board as a mentor could only be a plus.
Quote:Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum):

I vote no. Read the template
Ed Venture Wrote:
Quote:Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum):

I vote no. Read the template

Got a point, though I do think Dions is still a good choice if fixed up to template standard.
Agreed, flesh out the app a bit more, remember the template and word count.

HOWEVER, I literally have nothing but good things to say about you. I can honestly say that you are one of the few (it's in the single digits) competent and reliable doctors I've seen, and you're definitely very helpful. I would definitely say you've got more than enough knowledge to be a mentor, and I will most CERTAINLY say put me down in the recommendations for the next app when this one is inevitably closed.
Having played with you a few times before, I can totally say that you have a good amount of knowledge, more than or at least enough to become a mentor.
So, when you fix up your template, feel free to put me among the people who recommend you, if you want.
One of the best doctors to have around. Definitely knows enough to be a mentor.
Quote:Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum):
you doofus!!!

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