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Make the blob nucleus more visible
on the occasions when crew a. realize theres a blob and b. make an actual effort to fight, they waste their resources fighting non-critical parts of the blob most of the time. as more blob players perfect their craft and strategy the odds will continue to tip, i believe, as the crew is usually either understaffed at low-pop times or 90% clueless fodder at high-pop times

if the blob is scared of having its nucleus seen it can surround it with thick membranes, or hide it under a shrub, but it shouldnt blend in with zero effort
Chipping in to agree. At least 75% of the blobs I've fought lately have been #000000 and having to run the mouse over every tile even in well-lit areas to find the nucleus is bunk. You don't win battles of attrition with a blob. Sneak in and snipe nuclei. Having to waste time actually seeing the damn things is obnoxious.
Make it emit light, it will be more visible
The sprite is black. Make it black and white.
I invented a new fun internet game, it's called 'find that nucleus'

[Image: OP5L01m.png]

need a hint?
I tried to highlight it using MS Paint, figuring I could click on the circle sprite with another colour (red) and it would show.
However; this happened instead.

[Image: EokbYOS.png]
Literally invisible. Pixels are not even different colours.

I strongly but humbly suggest black be removed as a colour until this can be sorted out, ASAP, IMHO.
So, has anyone mentioned that this is still a problem? Because this is still a problem.
My solution:
X: "I'm casting TTV."
Y: "Why are you casting TTV? There's nothing to attack here!"
X: "I.. I'm attacking the darkness!!"
All: "Hehe, Haha, *snort, *snort"
[insert other reference that nobody will get]

I honestly dislike bombing the blob. I think it's kinda shit most of the time. If the blob takes this advantage though, I won't hesitate. TTVs, borgs with shields and explosive chem reactions, using breaches to block their routes. Lame for lame.
Bumping this to say that I intend on fixing it by clamping the darkness on the organ itself(eg blobs can still be black, but the organs will show up grayish)

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