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Making Radio "Supplementary channel" codes permanent.
Paineframe Wrote:Secchat in particular has no reason to be easy for newcomers, because newcomers shouldn't be playing sec. Honestly, I feel it should default to the "Unwanted" column the same way all traitor roles default to disabled.

There's also an especially large cost to changing the meaning of :s, because AIs and borgs have more reason to use their chat and more need to keep their chat secret than sec does. Not everyone reads the changelogs or the start-of-round popup text, and borgs don't have headsets to examine, so changing the silicon channel will inevitably lead to a lot of law violations.
First off, that's a bad reason to not want to change it. "It shouldn't be a letter that makes sense because it's supposed to be inconvenient to keep new people from playing sec". That literally has no effect on it at all. On that note this has nothing to do with new people playing sec.

Secondly, those are all short-term downsides. For like a day or two a few people mess it up, somebody tells them about the change, and then everything goes back to normal. It's not going to be robotic anarchy on goon servers till the end of time because somebody changed the headset code letters to something more convenient.
:s isn't any less confusing than :g

there are more ai/borg players than sec

the silicons have a higher weight in this matter, as do veteran players who are already playing. veteran players because new players will be equally confused by anything that is chosen, meaning you should focus on reducing global confusion by minimizing confusion for the 100 players that already play rather than the 2 or 3 newbies a month
Marquesas Wrote:
Jean-Luc_Picard Wrote:I couldn't be more simple.


In all seriousness though, I don't see the reason to completely reorganize what's known. The less a regular has to relearn, the better.

I have to agree with Marquesas. The radio channels are simple enough to remember already so I don't see a need to change them.
I'm starting to agree, there. Don't fix what ain't broken and all that.
Even if it were to get changed I would reference the headset as much as I do now. Perhaps making a change to what is fine right now isn't the greatest idea.
I'd like to clarify I suggested this a whole year + ago, and its now only getting implemented...


Id like for this beautiful idea that at the time was shunned to be added to the good idea thread!

FOR THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA THEN! and it is a good idea now.

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