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Allura's Head of Security application
I've honestly never seen claire quilty do any gimmick of any sorts, but I do agree with the other posts of joining and being braindead. This has happened under my supervision as hos as well, and it doesn't surprise me in the slightest that others have noticed. My main irk with you going braindead is that you do it in a public space and not saying that you were going braindead (which made me assume that you were dead), which led on one occasion to one rather unsavory mishap of a traitor just simply taking your ID and raiding security. So you're presence infact undermined sec.

Honestly, as far as sec goes you tick alot of boxes but you're lacking in others. You need to communicate with security rather than having lone wolf syndrome. Any officer who goes out of his way to speak on sec chat and gets that whole "hivemind" ideology of sec will make a good hos, and this is something you dont have at this time.
I understand. I usually try to chime in on occassion (usually asking if the HoS is okay, asking if anyone needs help, etc) but I can totally get that I don't do it nearly enough.
The reason for my braindead-ness on 1 is because I usually join 1 to experiment or observe new changes. I'll make sure to stop joining as sec when I only plan to mess around.
I already have rectified going braindead with no announcement. I never leave for no reason, so I hope no one thinks I'm being actively malicious. I'll start announcing my leaving amd giving my equipment to security to avoid its theft.
Anyway, thanks for being positive Sundance. I really think you're a spectacular HoS, so I'm happy to hear from you.
Denied due to lack of support.

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