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Somepotato/Lucy Clarkson HoS/Mentor application
Normal Character Name: Lucy Clarkson
BYOND Username: Somepotato
Times Available: Most of the time

Reason for Application (300 word minimum):

The game and the community is grand. I'll admit that I had a subpar opinion about Goonstation in years past but everyone's act has been cleaned up significantly which has been a huge turn-on for playing here.
I won't lie, I do get angry, but I tend to avoid playing when I am.
SS13 is something for me to waste time in and whine about how terrible BYOND is. But that's what makes it fun, right? Don't know what's going to break and what's going to crash and that kind of surprise keeps you playing for some reason.
Those redsuit madmen need to be stopped and I'm someone who can make that happen.
There are many people on Space Station 13 that need to be stopped. They can either be clowns torturing other players by throwing bananas at them, or a doctor sawing off everyone's butts that noone agreed to. I try to be a little bit humorous when taking care of people, and often try to the victim cloned and the attacker borged if they died while I was stopping them.
I am not the best player by any definition. I'm applying to broaden the scope of the game to me. I want others to feel that way, too, which is why I like that being approved for your HoS application gives you access to the mentor channel. Having a bright community is having a happy one. I try to get along with others and ignore the ones I can't to avoid any unwelcome conflict. There are many more reasons I applied, of course, but to keep this from becoming a giant unreadable blob of text I'm keeping it simple. If you've gotten this far then you have my condolences if I made it too unreadable or boring.

Security Experience (300 word minimum):
Security has a terrible vibe to it because of how terrible most security are (insert ego.) It's not hard to be security, but it's easy to be terrible. I'll admit I haven't played much as security, but that's only because of how limited I feel as a security officer. When there's large crime going on I usually don't have the right access, and when there's people that urgently need cloning (just for example) and there's no geneticist I don't have access to genetics. I've done more crimestopping as a staff assistant simply because I can ironically do more with access to Tech Storage.
When I arrest people with handcuffs, before I send them to the brig I tend to talk about it with them and their victim to see if a compromise can be made, and surprisingly it works sometimes. The times it doesn't and he tries to flee I usually brig for about 60 to 120 seconds. But like I said before, I don't play sec much because of personal limitations I feel, and that's the primary reason I want to be a HoS: to be able to assist the security team in stopping the baddies once and for all.
I keep my cool very well, and I don't try to blame the players for causing undue stress unless I feel it's explicitly their fault(in which case I adminhelp)
People can be rude and outright terrible. You can't let that get to you as a HoS because lo and behold, it's the internet, and before you know it, they have you baited. I like to work together as sec, because you can actually get things done if there are enough sec around to work with.
Whether or not I get approved to be HoS, I'd like that you tell me the strong and weak points about this application and my character as a whole.

In your opinion, what are the flaws and benefits of the current security layout (brig, cells, security room etc):
If antags get into security, it's basically game over. Sec isn't really armed to the offense so if they managed to get into security they're usually armed and willing to buzzkill any sec team in security at the time.
The brig is pretty vulnerable. But at the same time, its' not and thats whats great about it. Breakouts are possible for example through maintenance and bathroom(which is pretty common) and I just think that's the coolest thing. People don't attempt breakouts often anymore unfortunately, but I feel that's mainly due to a lack of communication. It'd be cool if they had a way to contact the outside world easier. They do have the computers but that's not that good.
If it was easier to get people to the brig without them running away it'd encourage players to be better. The problem I feel is that it would be nice if there were more minibrigs, e.g, the one below QM.

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will):
I have not been banned yet.
I've seen Lucy Clarkson around, seems pretty easy-going and knowledgeable.
i dunno, unless you've moved on from accusing people of metagaming whenever they try to stop you, i'd rather not see you as the HoS.
I've seen Lucy Clarkson around a fair bit, I think she seems quite knowledgeable and even-tempered, so I would approve of both these things.
Seems to be pretty level-headed security player, both involved in solving crimes, but not actively "super-copping". Can't properly vouch for their knowledge of the game, but they seem to play a lot of different roles so I don't doubt they have a good knowledge and would be able to assist people.
Lucy Clarkson tries to stuff Rite Krel (as Dick Justice) into the enzymatic reclaimer, but it beeps angrily as the safety overrides engage!
Wibbleworth Willy  [145.9] says, "The AI isn't responding"
Kade Hunter (as Shaquille O:Bama) says, "SEND HELP"
Lucy Clarkson tries to stuff Rite Krel (as Dick Justice) into the enzymatic reclaimer, but it beeps angrily as the safety overrides engage!
Shaquille O:Bama removes the straight jacket from Man Jackson!
Rite Krel (as Dick Justice) gasps.
Lucy Clarkson tries to stuff Rite Krel (as Dick Justice) into the enzymatic reclaimer, but it beeps angrily as the safety overrides engage!

Doesn't seem to know the game very well, a no from me.
cgrn10 Wrote:Doesn't seem to know the game very well, a no from me.

I have to agree the other night I saw her asking where QM is. Overall a nice person but needs way more experience. A no from me as well.
Ed, the QM wasnt in his area and I was asking for the person because I needed to order something. And with the reclaimer, Ive only used it lethally once and that was a long time ago when you could put living in it.
Then my Bad, I apologize for the misunderstanding. Disregard what I said then.
I remember you as somepotato asking some very basic questions on irc. I like your temperament, but I think you need a few more weeks under your belt before you're ready for a mentorship role.
I've observed Lucy and she's alright, nothing bad. I believe they still need more time before the purple and beret are in order.
If you're an ex-player who just recently returned after a year or two, there are going to be a number of things/locations that work differently now than they did before (e.g : enzymatic reclaimer, mining, health and bleeding, etc-etc).

A tentative no for now!
Mixed reactions here. Denied for now.

Though I do see you in IRC and I can't recall you being a bad player. Spend some more time playing the game and apply again!

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