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Wish You Were Here - Pictures from the station
[Image: JZOX2zA.png]

You can't really see but I'm being grabbed by macho man.
(05-07-2021, 04:15 AM)Katzen Wrote: [Image: JZOX2zA.png]

Yes, Clippy. Please help me die.
[Image: vRczCFY.png]

Today I learned Beepsky can still attack while loaded into a cargo tug.
[Image: crusher.png]
oh god how do i picture aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
If nothing else, Ctrl + Print Screem/Sys Rq, then paste the picture onto Paint.

Edit out unnecessary details as needed.
Cam was on a csaber massacre, comes across a mime and starts killing them, Mime throws this paper, cam sees the paper, it is a cute drawing of him with his csaber, cam laughs and leaves, unfortunately the mime died shortly after. At least we know if u make cam laugh he'll stop killing you. 
[Image: cxGja1R.png]
[Image: unknown.png]
we had a horrible plant so me and the other nukies decide to meme and announce that we were coming
some how we managed to kill and gib a very large amount of the server then plant and somehow win
I like the person who said "oh no" a big "and at this moment he realized he fucked up" moment
[Image: 2021-08-05-21-33-49.png]

has science gone too far

[Image: cqDEPwX.jpg]
[Image: s2oIRE7.png]

NOOT is a genuine treasure.
Silencio refuses to confirm or deny whether he spent 60 minutes sitting inside a bombed out Security painting this single terrible canvas.

[Image: gneiVtB.png]
[Image: hBjrDJq.png]

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