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Darkgenerallord's Mentor Application
Usual Character Name:Lane Stewart
BYOND Username: Darkgenerallord
Recommended by (if applicable): David2222121, Klayboxx.
Times Available:Pacific Time Zone, generally 3:00 to 7:00 or on weekends the entire day usually.

Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum): Personally,I just remember being new,
and not really knowing what I was doing.Some people helped me out,and eventually I got better.I want to be able to do that,so that all people can actually not STAY horrible,and actually learn to be good.So they could eventually learn and help others learn,etc. Game experience. Been all antagonists except for Wizard and Spymaster but I know how they work,so I can probaly help with those.Im a pretty good chemist and would only help with healing chems and such,because the secret chems are MY PRECIOUSSSS.Im also a decent Chef,botanist,barman,and electrician.I can also partially set up the engine.I can use the new art lab,and thats pretty much it.I utterly fail at telelab.I can do basic robotics,genetics,and medical.I have MOST of construction and destruction memorized.I have the whole list of mining minerals memorized,and I can also teach one how to hack doors and vending machines.I can also explain the many uses of the Emag,since most people dont actually know what some of them do.I also play near constantly. I admit I sold my soul to learn the secrets of random things.I've basically learned the rules...I know the many uses of the Mindslave implant,and what implanting into one other person and yourself will do. I can basically explain the GOOD way to set up an engine and not kill yourself. I almost exclusively play on 4,but I'll switch to 3 if 4 has like nobody. I can also tell someone how to set up Cryo to save lives,and also how to use certain chems to the highest effectivety for healing.I can also teach the majority of robotics,adding upgrades,repairing,how to build one.I can also teach one the many confusing things of Changelings,and how to play Nuclear Agent to full effectivety,because thats all I got pretty much for a while.I will also teach one what the many drugs do,and how to not murder someone or how to. I'll generally help someone who's trying to figure out the basics of something,then for something like Chemistry,I'll leave them to learn the way I had to. That pretty much wraps up my game experience and reasons.So now I end it.

Your opinion of Shrek (5 word minimum):One and two were good.Three was horrible.

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will):None.
he knows more about the game (science wise) than I do and is never shitty, give this man the purple text
Wait, Lane Stewart isn't a mentor? He's one of the people I see nearly every game arpeeing and generally being awesome.
Lane is extremely knowledgeable, i say yes. deffs enough information with him to satisfy anyone mentorhelping. smile

PS: Lane stop using that weird writing style.
People will probably keep on hawking you for that for every post you make.
He's smart and doesn't act like a total tool. Perfect Mentor material, if you ask me.

But seriously, please start using spaces after periods and commas. It's strange
I have seen you around for awhile and I cannot really say anything about you, not sure whether this is good or bad.

Also your amazing posts and formatting style does not inspire me with a lot of confidence regarding your skills, but then again the main job of a mentor is just not being a metagaming fuck with the information given, and I think we can trust you not to do that. I'll try and see if I can actually see in action before I say yes or no.
I I've seen you, and you've even helped me on chem recipes too, and fun to be around on that. This man I also Believe would do a good job mentoring, I approve.
Give he purple text.

I told you to put spaces after your periods, though. Do that and you won't seem like you're illiterate. (I know you aren't, but what comes to mind when I read your posts is some drunk ruskie trying to talk in broken psudeo-english)
I can indeed confirm Lane's extensive knowledge of chemistry and science. He is also quite an accomplished cook. He can be a tad possessive of any room he's in when he's working, however. I remember one round where we were working in the electronics lab, and he yelled at the other electrician to get out. As the bartender.

Seriously though, dude. You write weird.
This guy is a botany-chemist expert and taught me everything I know. Also: Writing like this,which annoys many people,makes me laugh when I see the responses.Thanks.
Morphing_Dwarf Wrote:This guy is a botany-chemist expert and taught me everything I know. Also: Writing like this,which annoys many people,makes me laugh when I see the responses.Thanks.
yes it is really funny to write a paragraph about how you want a position of responsibility when you seem to have trouble even writing it.
Even though the posts are bugging me, in-game Lane Stewart knows a lot about botany and is a decent player.

Mentors seem to be lacking in answers to botany-related mentorhelps.
There are a few gripes I have with this application.

You spend a lot of time begging admins for things, and you've plotted to kill people in coming rounds. With me. Personally. Without knowing you'd be a traitor. These are two bits of behavior that a mentor should immediately know not to do.

To quote another admin, "He is known for being pretty bad and wasting a lot of time with adminhelp."

I admit you're very knowledgeable when it comes to Chemistry, but you spent a LOT of time begging us and other players for hints or recipes. I won't at all assume that's how you came across all of your extensive knowledge, but it happens. It happens a lot.

As for people making fun of his typing, I don't think that's relevant. A mentor won't be typing much more than a few sentences at a time. I've seen the man string together perfectly coherent sentences, so what he does in paragraph format only matters here.

I feel bad coming off so mean, because you can be a pretty cool, fun dude. As a player on the server, I'm happy to have you, but I think giving you the mentor text will make you feel entitled to special treatment, which means we'll be inundated with more adminhelp requests.
With what I see you try to use adminhelp for, I would seriously worry that you would misuse mentorhelp as some form of private chat channel.
I do have the ability to adapt.I eventually did stop adminhelping unless about something serious.Im literally just going to toss whatever I can into a beaker,and see what I get.Eventually results will come.Asking wastes time.Plus the journey is the true quest.

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