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Jeb Maxwell/Dachshundofdoom Mentor Application
Usual Character Name: Jeb Maxwell/D.I.O.S. (AI, which I include because I play it so much)

BYOND Username: Dachshundofdoom

Recommended by (if applicable): N/A

Times Available: Generally anytime after 6:00 PM (1800), -5:00 GMT.

Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum):

I'm applying for Mentor because, although I don't play or enjoy Sec nearly enough to want to be HoS, I still want to be able to help people who are new, or who don't understand some aspect of the game. I've been playing since sometime last year, so at this point I know most of the stuff you can do in the game. I remember my early days, not even understanding the simple stuff: changing intents, turning on internals, etc. While the wiki was a great help, a lot of knowledge came from deadchat, after my lack of knowledge got me killed. Hell, I was too scared to even touch the engine for a couple of months. I always feel so bad when I see things like a sec officer wandering around with his baton out, or have a guy run up and completely fail to understand how to make his stun gloves work on me. I mostly play AI or non-command jobs, but I’m more than capable of explaining anything to someone who doesn’t understand what they’re doing, especially how to be a good AI. I know how to set up the engine, I know how telescience works even if I’m usually too lazy to bother with math, I can make bombs, and so on. I can also advise on how to be a decent Security Officer: keep your baton in your pants, communicate with the team, don’t brig somebody for fist-fighting someone else once or pushing you over and farting on you, don’t permabrig, keep in mind that the timers in the brig are slow, etc. I’m more than willing to take time out of my day and help someone fight through Stupid Newbie Syndrome and become a half-decent player. Nothing messes up a round like an antagonist who dies two minutes in because they didn't know what they were doing, followed by a solid hour of no danger to the crew whatsoever-I want to be able to make sure people can enjoy themselves. Oh, and I’m also applying for that sexy purple OOC text.

Your opinion of Shrek (5 word minimum): I have no idea what this is anymore. Shrek is poo but poo is clowns but clowns is poo is shrek is poo is clowns ugggggghh.

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will): No bans of any kind.
I, AdenAbrafo the HoS who is way better than Nerdblaster, endorse this candidate who's running for mentor.
Jerb Mexwell is a P radical guy.

Big yes from me.
Thanks for the support, guys. Deeply appreciated.
Jeb is awesome, Period. If this was an HoS app, He'd still get a yes from me.

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