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Ban appeal Auto Banner
Byond key: motleyv
Date of Ban: 1/23/15 or 1/24/15 (Was around midnight so not sure)
Reason for ban: As a cyborg, kills a guy by setting turrets to lethal, blaming the AI. I was the AI. When questioned, lies, when called out, leaves.

Ban Length: Permanent

First of all, I did not realize the turrets had killed someone, so I was not trying to lie, I was confused about why the admin was messaging me and thought he believed I was the AI. In retrospect I don't know why I thought that but it was late and I was tired. I understand that from his perspective it probably looked like I was lying.

At the time I checked the ai terminal and realized that they had been reprogrammed to ensure someone escaped on the shuttle. I reported this over the radio, only to later realize that I, as a cyborg, was bound by the same law. Realizing that someone would probably attempt to rewrite the ai laws to change this, thus hindering his escape which I was bound to assist in, I turned the turrets to lethal assuming that the red turret indicator in the hallway would dissuade any human from attempting to enter, and thus humans would not come to harm from my decision. I was also unsure whether or not the antagonist that round was human.

I understand how this can be viewed as a violation of the ai laws, but at the time I thought that cyborgs could create situations that might harm a human, although I now realize that is not the case.

I left because I was confused and tired and wanted to get to sleep. In retrospect I understand that leaving at that time did not cast me in a good light.

In summary, I did not fully understand how the ai laws worked, especially how the new law interacted with the original three, and unintentionally violated them.

I would like to request that my ban be changed from a permanent ban to a temporary ban from playing as the ai or a cyborg.
I don't believe almost any of this.

First, the "person" who was meant to escape was Heisenbee. It did not say he had to escape alone, and it certainly didn't say to kill people to get it done. It was a harmless joke law.

Secondly, I'm not sure why you thought I'd be contacting the AI (who again, was me). I'm going with my initial thought: you believed that action wasn't logged, and decided to pass blame off on the AI.

Thirdly, the person you killed with the lasers was braindead in that room, and positioned in such a way that it's IMPOSSIBLE to have not seen him when lethalizing the lasers.

And finally, yes, when I called out this lie you just left. If you had expended just a few more sentences to explain ANY of this, it would have just been a warning.
When you messaged me about killing someone I did not realize that the turrets had killed someone, so I was very confused. I did see the guy in the entrance to the room but I thought the barrier between him and the turret would prevent it from shooting at him. I also did not know that he was braindead. I also did not understand that setting the turrets to lethal while no one was in their firing line (I reiterate that I thought the barrier in the entryway to the room would prevent the turret from shooting at him) was considered a violation of the ai laws. I agree that my actions were stupid, but I was not actively trying to kill someone, as I just intended to deny access to the ai computers.
Alright. I'm still not sure how much of this I believe. Awful lot of, "But I didn't know..." going on. However, I'll chalk it (and the ban evasion attempt) up to you being super new. This is lifted. I won't impose the silicon jobban, but I will advise you to seriously consider the actions you take both when you play and when we message you. The whole, 'suddenly leaving mid-question' thing made this all look very shady.

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