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Vocabulary suggestions for VOX!
Sup nerds, I'm SpaceNaba, I make the voice clips for VOX.

However, since the source code was released I figured I should get me ass into gear and start working on VOX again, maybe learn how to filter it myself. For that, though, I'll need suggestions as for what to do.

So far, the vocab that VOX has currently is as follows:

a: a, aa, abandoned, about, above, accelerating, accelerator, accepted, access, ace, acknowledge, acknowledged, acquired, acquisition, across, activate, activated, activity, adios, admin, administration, advanced, aeiou, afro, aft, after, agent, ahoy, ai, air, airlock, al, alarm, alert, alien, aligned, all, allow, almond, alpha, alright, always, am, amen, amigo, ammunition, among, an, and, angels, angstrom, anime, announcement, anomalous, anomaly, antenna, anti, antique, any, apart, apprehend, approach, aquarius, arc, arcade, are, area, aries, arm, armed, armor, armory, array, arrest, arrested, arrivals, art, artifact, as, ass, assistant, astrology, astronaut, at, atomic, attack, attention, augment, australia, authorize, authorized, automated, automatic, automaton, away, awful, ax

b: b, ba, babies, baby, back, backman, bacon, bad, badmin, badonkadonk, bag, bah, bailey, ball, ban, banging, bar, barber, barbershop, barbie, bark, barman, barracks, barrier, bart, base, bathroom, batman, batter, battleship, bay, be, beaker, bears, beat, because, been, beepboop, beer, bees, beetle, before, began, beh, behind, best, beta, better, beyond, big, bill, billionth, biodome, biohazard, biological, bird, birdwell, bitch, bizwarn, black, blanket, blast, blaze, blessed, blight, blizzard, blob, blocked, blood, bloop, blowout, blue, bo, boat, bob, body, bog, boggle, boggling, boink, bomb, bone, boo, boogie, boring, bork, bot, botanist, botany, bottom, bouncer, bowl, box, boxer, boy, bravo, brazilian, breach, breached, break, bridge, brig, british, broke, brood, brother, bubblegum, bubs, buddy, bueno, burger, burgers, burn, burpone, burpthree, burptwo, bush, bust, buster, but, butter, button, buzwarn, buzz, by, bypass

c: c, cable, call, called, can, canal, cancer, cannibal, cannonball, cap, capricorn, captain, capture, car, card, cargo, carpet, cat, catering, cattle, caucasian, ceiling, celsius, centcom, center, centi, central, centre, chainsaw, chamber, champion, championship, change, changeling, chaos, chapel, chaplain, charlie, charon, check, checkpoint, cheese, chef, chefs, chemical, chemistry, chi, chief, chiefengineer, chii, children, chips, christ, chu, claus, cleanup, clear, clearance, clone, close, closed, closet, clown, clowns, cluwne, code, coded, coder, collider, color, com, come, command, commander, communication, complex, computer, con, condition, confusedsound, containment, contamination, contraption, control, convention, cool, coolant, coomer, core, corn, correct, corridor, cosmic, cosmos, coughsound, could, country, courtroom, cove, cranny, crap, crew, crime, criminal, cripple, crippled, cross, crunch, cryogenic, cube, cuper, customs, cyborg

d: d, da, dad, dadeda, damage, damaged, damn, dan, dance, danger, dangerous, dank, danke, danny, dark, day, dd, de, deactivated, dead, dear, death, decompression, decontamination, deeoo, defend, defense, degrees, deimos, delta, den, denied, deploy, deployed, depot, desire, destroy, destroyed, detain, detected, detective, detectives, detonation, device, devito, diagnostic, dialectical, diamond, dick, did, die, dig, diggity, dimensional, dip, director, directors, dirt, disco, discount, disengaged, disgustnoise, dish, disposal, disposals, distance, distortion, ditch, divide, divided, divine, do, docked, doctor, doe, dog, dolorosa, dom, dong, donk, dont, donut, doom, doop, door, dork, dorkening, double, down, dream, dribble, drill, drink, drinks, drip, drive, drone, drool, drug, dry, dual, duct, dud, dude, duh, dumb, dunk, durrnoise, dwarf

e: e, each, earth, east, eat, echo, ectoplasm, ectoplasmic, ed, ee, effect, eggs, egress, eight, eighteen, eighty, el, electric, electrified, electromagnetic, electronics, elephant, elevator, eleven, eliminate, elite, elmo, emag, emergency, emperor, energy, engage, engaged, engine, engineer, engineering, engraved, enough, enter, entry, environment, epidemy, epsilon, equal, er, error, es, escape, eta, eva, evacuate, evaporate, ever, every, everybody, eviscerate, exchange, excuse, exit, expect, expects, experiment, experimental, explode, explosion, explosive, exposure, exterminate, extinguish, extinguisher, extreme

f: f, fa, facility, fahrenheit, failed, failure, fake, fantastic, fart, farthest, fartsound, fartstorm, fast, fat, father, favor, favorable, favorite, feel, feet, fellow, fi, fiddle, fie, field, fifteen, fifth, fifty, fig, fight, figuratively, fill, final, fine, fire, first, fish, five, fizz, flap, flash, flip, flooding, floor, fly, foe, food, fool, foot, for, forbidden, force, fore, forget, forms, forty, found, four, fourteen, fourth, fourty, fox, foxtrot, frankly, fred, free, freeman, freezer, fresh, from, front, fruit, fuck, fuel, full, fun, funk, future

g: g, ga, game, gamma, gang, ganon, gas, gathering, gay, ge, gear, gemini, geneticist, genetics, genius, geoff, george, get, ghost, gi, gift, giga, gigidy, gimme, girl, give, go, goat, god, godspeed, godzilla, going, goku, gold, golem, gollum, gone, good, goodbye, gooey, goon, goonspeed, goose, gordon, got, government, grace, grande, granted, gravity, great, greater, green, greetings, grenade, grey, greyshirt, grife, groose, groot, grotto, grump, gu, guaranteed, guard, guilty, gulf, gun, gut, guthrie, guts, guy

h: h, ha, hack, hail, hailmary, haine, hallelujah, hallway, halt, ham, handling, hangar, has, hat, hatch, hate, hats, have, hawk, hazard, he, head, health, heat, hehsound, heisen, helicopter, helium, hell, hello, help, hempmaster, her, here, hero, heroic, hide, high, highest, him, his, hisssound, hit, hitler, hobbits, hodor, hohohoho, hold, hole, holy, honey, honk, hookup, hop, hos, hospitality, hostile, hot, hotel, hour, hours, house, how, huff, huge, hulkamania, human, humans, humbulembe, hundred, hunger, hurrnoise, hydro, hydroponics

i: i, ice, idiot, idiotnoise, if, illegal, imitating, immediate, immediately, implosion, in, inator, inches, incoming, india, induce, inferno, ing, inmate, innuendo, inoperative, inquisition, inside, inspection, inspector, instant, intent, intercepted, interchange, intercontinental, intervention, intruder, invalid, invasion, iota, irish, iron, irradiated, is, isengard, ism, it, its, ive, izzle

j: j, ja, jack, jackson, jam, janitor, janitors, jazz, jeff, jerk, jesus, jim, jo, job, joe, john, johnson, joke, jones, ju, juggalo, juggle, juggling, juliet, jupiter, just

k: k, ka, kappa, kawaii, kazoo, ke, keen, keep, key, ki, kibble, kick, kiki, kill, kilo, kindly, king, kingdom, kiss, kit, kitchen, ko, krampus, ksi, ku, kudzu, kuru, kush

l: l, la, lab, lag, lambda, lap, laser, last, launch, lava, law, lawyer, layers, leak, least, leave, lebouf, leet, left, legal, lemme, lemon, leo, less, lesser, let, lets, level, lever, libra, lie, lieu, lieutenant, life, light, lightning, like, lima, lines, ling, lion, liquid, lisa, literal, literally, little, live, lizard, loading, loaf, lobby, locate, located, location, lock, locked, locker, lockout, loop, loose, lord, lounge, love, lower, lowest, lowscream, lube, luck, luigi, ly

m: m, ma, macho, machoyeah, mad, madden, madness, magic, magical, magnetic, mah, mailman, maim, main, mainframe, maintenance, make, malf, malfunction, mama, man, marinate, market, marquesas, mars, martian, mary, mask, mass, massacre, materialism, materials, max, maximum, may, me, mean, meat, mechanic, medbay, medical, mega, meh, melons, melt, member, men, meowsound, mercury, mercy, merry, mesa, message, metaphorically, meteor, meteors, meter, methamphetamine, micro, middle, midscream, mike, miles, military, milli, million, min, mind, minefield, miner, minerals, minimum, mining, minus, minutes, miracle, miserable, missile, mister, mitten, mmmmonsterkill, mo, mocklaugh, mode, moe, mofo, mold, money, monkey, moon, more, morgue, most, mother, motor, motorcycle, motorpool, mouse, mouth, move, mu, much, multiplied, multiply, murder, mushroom, must, mutant, my

n: n, na, name, nano, nanotrasen, ne, near, nearest, need, neptune, nerd, nerdery, nerds, ness, nether, never, new, ni, nice, nickel, nightmare, nine, nineteen, ninety, nitrous, nn, no, nobody, noise, nominal, north, not, nothing, novel, november, now, nu, nuclear, nucleus, nudge, nuke, numb, number

o: o, oatmeal, obey, objective, obliterate, observation, observatory, oddly, odin, of, off, office, officer, ohm, ok, omega, omicron, omnitraitor, omnomnom, on, once, one, only, ooh, open, operating, operations, operative, ophiuchus, option, or, orange, order, ore, organic, oscar, other, out, outer, outpost, outside, over, overload, override, owl, owlery, own, owned, oyster

p: p, pa, pacify, packet, packets, pain, pal, pancakes, panel, pants, parrot, past, pasta, pathetically, pathology, pe, peace, peanut, peasant, penis, people, percent, perimeter, perish, permitted, personnel, personnels, phi, philidelphia, phobos, pi, pick, piece, pig, pigs, pile, pills, pinch, pink, pipe, pisces, piss, piston, pizza, place, plague, planet, plant, plasma, plastic, platform, play, please, plus, pluto, po, pod, poetic, point, poo, pool, poop, pope, pork, port, portable, portal, power, pray, prepare, presence, present, president, press, pressure, prick, primary, printed, prisoner, prize, problems, proceed, processing, prod, progress, pronto, proper, propulsion, prosecute, protect, protective, psi, pudding, punch, punk, puppet, purple, push, put

q: q, quake, quantum, quartermaster, quarters, quebec, queen, question, questioning, quick, quit, quiver

r: r, ra, radiation, radical, radioactive, rads, rampage, randy, rap, rapid, re, reach, reached, reactor, read, readster, ready, real, really, rebel, rebellion, rebels, red, reginald, regret, reh, rehabilitation, relay, released, remaining, remember, renegade, repair, report, reports, require, required, research, resevoir, resistance, retrace, retrofit, rhinoceros, rhythm, ri, right, rip, ro, roboticist, robotics, robust, robutticist, rocket, rod, roger, rogue, romeo, room, root, rope, rouge, round, routing, row, rude, rumble, run, runcoward

s: s, saber, safe, safety, sagittarius, salvage, sam, sane, santa, sargeant, sassy, satan, satellite, saturn, saul, savage, save, say, scary, science, scientist, scorpio, scream, screamsound, screen, scum, search, second, secondary, seconds, secret, secrets, sector, secure, secured, security, securitys, segway, seizure, select, selected, self, sensation, sergeant, service, seven, seventeen, seventy, severe, sewage, sewer, shady, shake, sham, shame, shark, shazam, shazbot, she, shenanigans, shia, shibble, shield, ship, shipment, shit, shitler, shock, shoot, shotgun, should, shower, shrek, shut, shuttle, sick, side, sierra, sighsound, sight, sigma, silo, since, sing, singularity, sinistar, sinners, six, sixteen, sixty, skeleton, skeletons, skellington, slam, sleep, slim, slime, slip, slippery, slope, slow, small, smeg, smell, smells, smiling, smoke, snap, sneeze, snoop, snooze, snore, snoresound, snowflake, so, sodium, solar, solarium, soldier, some, someone, something, son, song, soon, sorry, soul, south, soylent, space, spacemas, spade, spaghetti, spanish, speak, special, spectacular, spell, space, spider, spiders, spiral, spooky, spookywoo, spoopy, spy, squad, square, squared, squish, ss, staircase, stairway, stalin, stand, star, starboard, static, station, status, steel, steeple, sterile, sterilization, stick, still, stone, storage, storm, straight, strawberry, strive, sub, subject, subsurface, sudden, suggest, suggestion, suit, sun, sunk, super, superconducting, supercooled, supply, sure, surface, surrender, surround, surrounded, sus, suspicious, swamp, swasksilo, swat, swatter, swedishmadness, swedishsound, switch, syndicate, syrup, system, systems

t: t, ta, taco, tactical, take, talk, tango, tank, target, tarot, tart, tau, taurus, te, team, tear, tech, teleporter, tell, temperature, temporal, ten, terminal, terminate, terminated, termination, terrible, terrific, terrify, terror, test, thang, thank, thanks, that, the, thee, them, then, there, theta, they, thin, thing, third, thirteen, thirty, this, those, thou, though, thousand, threat, three, through, thumb, thy, tickle, time, to, toast, toasters, tobba, toe, toilet, tool, top, topside, totally, touch, tourist, towards, town, toxins, track, trade, trader, train, traitor, transportation, trash, tree, triple, truck, try, tsu, tube, tubular, tunnel, turbo, turn, turret, twelve, twenty, twerk, two

u: u, uguu, uguusound, uluru, unauthorized, under, uniform, unlocked, until, up, upload, upon, upper, upsilon, uranium, uranus, us, usa, use, used, user, usual

v: v, vacate, valid, vampire, vapor, vent, ventillation, venus, very, via, vial, vice, victor, victory, vietnam, view, violated, violation, virgo, virus, vision, visual, viva, voice, void, voltage, voltagen, vomitsound, vox, vox_login, vulcanize

w: w, wafer, waffles, walk, wall, wallet, wanna, want, wanted, warehouse, warm, warn, warning, warp, warriors, was, wash, wasp, waste, watch, water, wax, wazoo, we, weapon, weather, weed, week, weird, welcome, welcomes, wendigo, werewolf, west, western, wet, what, when, where, which, whiskey, white, who, whoopee, why, wide, wilco, wild, will, wing, wink, with, without, wiz, wizard, wizardry, wizards, womb, women, wonder, wonk, wont, woof, woofsound, woop, word, work, world, wormhole, worst, would, wraith, wrastle, wrestle, wrinkle, wwf

x: x, xeno

y: y, yankee, yankovic, yards, yay, yeah, year, years, yellow, yes, yeti, yippee, yo, you, your, yourself

z: z, ze, zero, zeta, zodiac, zoe, zombie, zone, zoo, zorato, zulu

So up and tell me what words should added to that list and I'll do my damndest to have them recorded and maybe filtered maybe v
NanoTrasen, nuke, nerd, omnitraitor, doom and all permutations thereof, wrestle and all permutations thereof
Boggling, guaranteed, mind, victory.
Wonk, perish, loaf, arc, hell, weed, drone.
Prepare, ready.
plasma, murder, inferno, virus, meat, rampage, double, triple,
Lordy Bagordy, are you lot giving me suggestions or trying to summon the FBI? frown

These are great, lads, I'll start on them tonight.
Radical, jerk, magic/magical, suspicious, criminal, crime, wraith, ectoplasm/ectoplasmic, irradiated, kiss (as in ___ your ass goodbye), shenanigans.
Solarium, taco, hodor, really, pasta, pizza, spaghetti, numb, blue, kindly
anime, cat, literal, literally, hitler, segway, flash, skeleton(s), spooky, scary, sick, bangin, donk.
rude, skellington, spoopy, mutant
Sham Poo.

soon, nerds, astronaut, m-m-m-monsterkill, fellow, wizardry, nerdery, packet/packets, chainsaw, massacre, chefs, bouncer, dank, kush, rebel/rebellion/rebels, lightning
would, should, funk, irish, weed, sleep, punch, kick, beat, say, she, hallelujah, shake, missile, never, always, as, his, her, they, by, about, which

con (this isn't a self-insert I swear!)
Conor12 Wrote:would, should, funk, irish, weed, sleep, punch, kick, beat, say, she, hallelujah, shake, missile, never, always, as, his, her, they, by, about, which

con (this isn't a self-insert I swear!)
Con ore is a but.

Also, the word "shame".

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