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Put stuff in your mouth - The PERFECT way to hide evidence!
(12-20-2014, 01:05 PM)Readster Wrote:
Houka Wrote:Syndicate nuclear operatives hiding their cyanide pills in their mouth, like how it's actually supposed to work.
Captain hides disk in his mouth, accidentally swallows it.

syndicates proceed to get him super drunk

This mental image is hilarious enough for me to want to revive this idea.
Good call, Noah. I have a few suggestions for it, since I'd love to see this added. Perhaps small items cause slurring, but tiny items don't? This means syndie ops with a cyanide pill can still communicate effectively, while staff assistants with a crowbar in their mouth can't quite as easily.
Spitting erebite at people seems like something totally reasonable that I should be able to do. Please revive this.
Someone get a coder in here!
(06-03-2016, 06:01 PM)Winklabom Wrote: Someone get a coder in here!

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]
Fuck yes. I laughed alot as I scrolled through the various suggestions, and the things your minds have come up with on this matter.

Coders, please make this a thing.

Actually, this reminds me of a short period of time (right around when adding pies to beakers was implemented) in which in a round I cooked a pair of handcuffs into a pie. I was force-fed this pie and choked to death. (died of o2) I think it was a bug and not a feature because it wasn't long before handcuff pie didn't kill anymore but for the short time it worked that way I was greatly amused at the concept of choking on objects being a thing in SS13
Some things could get special effect and/or flavor text like putting an activated mousetrap in your mouth making you scream and stunned for a moment.
Put the end of a flamethrower in your mouth. Turn it on.
(06-05-2016, 03:10 PM)Grek Wrote: Put the end of a flamethrower in your mouth. Turn it on.

Of course there would need to be new suicides to do with the mouth, like sticking weapons in your mouth. Also a small chance if a cluwne is holding a gun and they slip, the gun ends up in their mouth and goes off somehow.
Coders where are you?
[Image: Foghorn_building_on_Flat_Holm_Island.jpg]
Bumping this, because best idea ever and I'd like to see this post with 3 pages about it higher on the list than the duplicate idea suggestion with 4 replies.
Also bumping this, because I made the duplicate idea suggestion and I'm still ashamed of myself for not remembering this.
Detective tracks down the chef feeding peoping kuru infested food. Chef stashes the kuru burger in his mouth. Detective asks why the chef sounds weird. Chef says hes Swedish. Detective punches the chef and the chef swallows on the burger. The detective laughs as the chef dies.

i dont know if this has been said, but i just want to envision someone spitting knives at someone, or even better, erebite
All good ideas sure, but I'm just thrilled to hold an extra item. Like a stealth storage container.

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