Don Geon (UrsulaMejor)'s HoS application v1.1
Usual Character Name: Don Geon
BYOND Username: UrsulaMejor
Recommended by (if applicable): Bruce Hunt(HiddenDinosaurs)
Times Available: 6pm to 11pm pst most nights, other times as mood and circumstance allow.

Reason for Application (300 word minimum):
A good HoS is a guy who, when you see him on the team, you instantly breathe a sigh of relief. When I play detective or security, and I see Sundance or Bruce Hunt is playing HoS, I feel reassured, and that the team is going to be cohesive, or at the very least, under control. Even when I'm traitor, when I see that the HoS is the one that's caught me, and that HoS is one that i've come to respect, I know that he'll give me my fair chance to "prove my innocence" and escape/come back without being stupid or obtuse about it. When I was new, I once got caught with an activated PDA before I'd even got any items. The HoS was the one who found me, and although he took away my PDA and brigged me for a while, he gave me a second chance. Coming back from being stripped and clowned to having an epic laser duel with him later was extremely satisfying.

Another important aspect to being a HoS is that you're also expected to play as a mentor role to other players, both inside and outside the game. I'm not the MOST knowledgeable guy on station, but I've been playing for a quite a while, I'm privy to a lot of interesting information, I remember what it's like to be new, and I feel comfortable and happy explaining things to people. Furthermore, part of being a mentor isn't just knowing things, but also knowing when to admit you don't! Being willing to ask other experienced players for help and knowing that you've always got more to learn are things that I think are important attributes for people in positions of authority, and I see those attributes in myself.

The HoS's I've seen on station are not perfect, but I do look up to them. In my experience, the HoS is a pretty cool guy, and I want to be that guy. I want to be that guy who tries to find amusing, fun alternatives to killing, I want to be that guy who knows not to take things personally, and I want to be that guy who knows when to bust heads, and when to give second chances. I want to be that guy who helps people, who is always learning, and who is willing to admit when he's wrong.

Security Experience (300 word minimum):
I've been playing since Donut Station, and let me tell you, when I first started, I never thought that I'd ever have fun being a security officer. I'd always been more interested in the mechanics of the game rather than the people playing it. However, I eventually warmed up to the idea of detective after I decided that forensics was another mechanic I wanted to explore, and I'd regularly dick around with being a gumshoe. Once I figured out how forensics worked, and started putting it to effective use, I realized just how fun being a defender of the people (and hard-boiled criminal catcher) can be when done properly.

Naturally, I segued into being a security officer from there, and currently, security officer is one of my favorite jobs to play as. This job is what really made me realize that our SS13 server is a community, and more importantly, a community I want to start being a bigger part of.

Aside from that, on the more technical aspects of being a peace officer, I feel really confident in my abilities; I'm pretty decent in a fight, I have an expansive knowledge of how the game works, and more importantly, I understand the important impact that forensic evidence has on the role after the fight is over. Fingerprinting is an easy, yet off-neglected element to the security role. I enjoy it immensely, and I make a constant effort to make it an important part of the traitor-identification process.

In summary, the station is a fun place, whether or not you're an engineer making a new jazz lounge or a scientist making the biggest bombs. Security's goal is to make sure everyone is having fun, and to punish those who get in the way of that goal. That means knowing when to brig, setting fair times, being courteous, and above all, making sure that you're keeping yourself in line. I go out of my way to avoid lethal force, I make sure that prisoners are attended to and that they get all their stuff back, and I call out my fellow security members when I think they're being too harsh on a crew member. I'm not necessarily the most robust, but I know how to work with a team, I've got a sharp eye, and when I'm wearing that red jumpsuit, I know that I'm the only thing standing in between the average griefer and the average player. If I were HoS, I'd do my best make the round fun for everyone; crew, security, and traitors all.

Your opinion of Shrek (5 word minimum):
Shrek is a pretty cool movie.

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will):
I've recently got my first jobban from research. I immediately felt guilty, it's been appealed and withdrawn, and things are hunky dory now.

I might have some older ones I don't remember. It's been a while and I try to let that stuff go.
I've seen you before in game, you definitely aren't the one to be saying things like "HoSs are good when they release prisoners instead of permanent brigging or killing", because whenever I see you you are always screaming to get the traitor. That isn't a horrible thing, but it almost always results in said assailant's death. I give a very hesistant yes.
I've seen you play a fair bit as Security and I can't say either or about you, you're tactful but you also seem to be a little gun-ho at times - which CAN eventually ruing someone's fun. Fun is really key to all of it, don't be a stinking hippie about it but at least be a little more lenient if you get the position, in the end, this is still a yes, no matter how unsure I feel about it all.
Most of the times I have encountered Don he has been a pretty cool guy who I would not hesitate to recommend get a hat and all that cool shit. But then occasionally I've run into him and he's been a complete dickhead to basically everyone for no obvious reason. I dunno. I figure he'd be a fine HoS 99 times out of 100 and then the last time you'd log in and find him holding all the command staff at gunpoint while standing on a pile of the corpses of those fools who dared question his authority.
I have always thought you were an effective sec/detective even though you seem kind of high strung doing it. As a new HoS,I can promise you that you will have a very tough time coming to grips with realization that your HoS Hat/beret, is an actual working beacon for shitheads. Your good sec, but I am concerned how you would deal with the stress of the job, and not turn into Saddam Hussein when shit really hits the fan.
A lot of how I act depends on my real life stress. There are plenty of options besides being a HoS, I promise that if I get frustrated with the job I'd be perfectly happy not picking it for a few rounds and cooling off in hydroponics. I'm a little sad about the ambivalence regarding my application, since I know that how I act depends a lot on how much responsibility I have (I tend to behave better the more responsibility I have), but then, I can't exactly show that.

If you've all you've got to go on is my word, I can promise you that my word is good, and that I'll NEVER abuse the power of the HoS role. I may sometimes act like a real jerk when I pick Assistant, but I know when it's time to knuckle down and put on a beret instead of a butt.
Whenever i work with Don he seems to be good at apprehending the suspect.
Then again there are moments when working with him that he gets a bit over zealous.
I have very hesitant and mixed feelings but over all i would say yes. :|
I count him as one of the better security officers.However,He does get a little power crazy at times.Otherwise,He's a pretty good security officer.
Seen Don around a lot, and honestly, I don't really see him being terrible. I've only seen him a time or two as Security in the few days I've been back, but, he's pretty good from my view.
I've seen Don around recently and as far as I can tell he is not shit. For some reason his Byond key sounds very familiar which I can only assume is also a good thing. I'd be fine with him being an HoS.
You mentioned my name.
My heart melts

Nah but honestly he's pretty good as security and I remember a time where he has saved my ass (and my beret) and then handled everything accordingly, as in not murdering the traitor.
Anyone who can put aside meta and find anyway possible to prevent death (hell one time I killed monkeys for a traitor so he could complete is objective so he wouldn't go on a murdering rampage, he kept his side of the bargain, as did I), gets the nod from me.
I'm going to have to say no to this one. You're certainly not a bad player, but I've had some trouble with you very recently, with things that I expect a HoS should know not to do. As some players have said, you resort to violence quickly and often, which is a really bad trait for a person being given Armory access. You also tend to strike me as sort of play-to-win at times, which makes for an annoyingly aggressive HoS.

I know this was scathing, but let me reiterate: you're a cool guy, I just don't think you're HoS material.

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