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Will the solarium GOOD ending ever be cleared?
If this thread seems awful and too revealing or pointless, feel free to delete it and/or rip my mouth off. I just feel like it's something that should be shared with those who weren't present, but honestly should know as they've put time into this puzzle. I also just love talking and theorizing about it. I'll keep it non-revealing. I ask of you to do the same.

For, what, a year now, spacemen have been adventuring the depths of hell itself, fighting unbelievable creatures to unravel a mystery. The damn solarium. When it was first discovered, the very first time it was finished, everyone was excited. We were told that there was more than one ending! This got (most of) us happy and rallied, ready to go back in and figure this out. After a year of very little progress, the fire burning within the crews hearts has faded to a dull ember. People stopped going to the solarium aside for the occasional bad end. You can probably count the amount of people who've cleared the precursor ruins in the last year on one hand.

I want to raise everyone's hopes in that the good ending will be found. Some elite nerds, mostly one in particular, have moved forward quite a bit within the last month on this. These nerds managed to do S O M E T H I N G to get to, what is widely theorized, to be the final step before the good ending. I won't say what but I will provide proof.

They also have found out several key things related to the solarium and it's lore. This is theorized but basically confirmed by in game text given by doing certain things. There's also possibly a 3rd ending according to someone but we're not completely sure, though the evidence we have supports it. It's most likely a joke ending if it does exist given what we know.

Anyway, here's something to get you interested.

Me and two friends of mine have formed a tight-knit telescience exploration team. We've been collaborating with our resources ever since day one of playing the game, and we're both quite well-versed in the game and VERY dedicated to figuring Solarium out. Granted, we need to figure out how to get the BAD ending first, but we've been making ample progress in that regard, and there are a few hypotheses we have in mind.

Something to consider: A lot of telescience explorers go through the areas and pay no heed to the lore behind all of the areas, but that might just be why the good ending of Solarium is kicking our ass. Indeed, figuring why the hell Solarium EXISTS and what it's intended to DO is most likely a key (harr harr) component in getting the good ending, but it's something that no doubt has to be pieced together using knowledge from all over the game.
Nubcake Wrote:NERDS
We'll see who the real nerd is in the disaster round, motherfucker.
I feel I pretty much know the entire story. Wish I could share my theories here but that'd be very revealing.
Hi. ELITE NERD speaking, but probably not the elite nerd(s) mentioned in the original post.

Me and others have known about this for literally months, maybe even a year at this point.

We've pretty much also been absolutely stumped on where to go from here. We've tried pretty much everything as well. I'm saying all this because me and friends were all incredibly sad when literally everything we tried didn't do a single thing and was just another red herring, and well, sadness makes the world sad, and nobody wants sadness, please don't be sad, so I'm gonna take a measure here to pre-empt sadness.

Sorry to say!
No no the video wasn't the new thing, it's just something for those who haven't seen. We've found something else.

Ali0en Wrote:These nerds managed to do S O M E T H I N G to get to, what is widely theorized, to be the final step before the good ending. I won't say what but I will provide proof.
Also, if anyone is going to try and tell us to give up on Solarium, you're out of your damn mind. A spaceman does not give up.
Quote:Someone did something and then things happened! Also ambiguous things are being found out and they're very secret. You should be excited!
Well okay then! I'm not as into telescience as I was a while back, but I'm sure that when/if it gets figured out I'll be back on board. I like a lot of the back stories and "lore" of all of the locations, though I'm sure that I don't know everything that all of the nerds have been up to these days. I've been far more interested in other things recently! Either way, good luck with all of this, I'm sure you'll let us know when the code is cracked! (Also be wary of lava I hear people like to drop important things in that stuff.)
Well, me and my little troupe will be almost exclusively on there trying to figure all of the telescience areas out. So, if anyone hops onto the server and hears Andreas Feithiti, Matt Dales, and/or Steve Deadson yelling over the intercom, y'all know what's up.
We already know how to do the bad end and all the areas. This item we are focussing on requires keys itself.

Also the part in the video is not the thing I am speaking of.
I just wanna say that the fact that goon devs made a 2d spaceman game puzzle people have spent months deliberating on how to crack it is pretty neat.
Dude, if the talk about the bitcoin miner in the other thread I made is any indication, I think Solarium is just one of MANY things we've gone months without knowing. It's pretty fucking radical.
Could be, I mean there are medals no one has that have been in for some time.

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