Mentor Application : Thyclaine
Usual Character Name: Ollie Rivets, Drake McDougal
BYOND Username: Thyclaine
Recommended by (if applicable):
Times Available: On the weekends, several games spread throughout the days. I rarely have much to do. On weekdays, I'll be able to play at least a couple rounds at night unless something unusual comes up to prevent it. I'm in the EST time zone, if that helps. I also play pretty much exclusively on Gibbed 4.

Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum): I've been playing this 2D spaceman game for well over 2 years now, getting closer to 3 now. I started playing in July 2010, and I cut my teeth on Dev Station. That's where I learned the basics, and the beginning of the more intricate parts of this game. I've played it pretty much consistently since then, with character changes here and there and small lulls where I got burned out with the game. However, I always find myself coming back to it. We joke about how juvenile the game is, but when you look at it, it's really a very interesting game. It's a game run off of experience, and experience alone. In the old days, you either had to have a very experienced person in-game to show you how to do something, or as it still works today, you had learn it yourself over months and years of playing the game.
Mentorhelp bridges this gap of experience, creating better players in a shorter amount of time to ultimately create a better (and more interesting) station for all of us. On the server that I frequent, Gibbed 4, it seems we really have a need for these bridges. A lot of new players, confused and impatient, seem to be shitting up the station at an alarming rate. Perhaps the mentors who play on Gibbed 4 for a while can back me up on that, because I have no idea if they're actually asking questions or not. I think we could definitely use another person to help, in any case.
Over the years, I've played every job the station has to offer (minus HoS), including all the removed ones. As of the writing of this application, I'm confident that I can be randomly chosen for any job on the station and perform well enough to benefit the station in some way. I've played all of the Head positions (minus HoS, once again) extensively, especially Research Director and Chief Engineer.
Some of my more experienced (and enjoyed) jobs are : RD, CE, Engineer, Medical Doctor, Chemistry, Chef, Detective, and HoP.
And these are the jobs that I admit to not having the extent of experience I have with the others : Electrician, Scientist (Everything but Chemistry), and the DNA manipulation aspect of Geneticist. I'm fine with cloning.

I'm not the most robust player (Although I know what there is to know about the Traitor roles, that doesn't mean I'm terribly good at them. Same reason I usually hang behind when I play Sec.) but I know a great deal about a lot of the more unusual, convoluted, and confusing parts of Space Station 13 along with the more conventional questions of "How do I open a toolbox" and "How do I walk". I think I'd be a good addition.

Your opinion of Shrek (5 word minimum): The best movie there has ever been about a green Mike Myers and his ass.

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will): I only have one, a (seemingly permanent?) jobban on Gibbed 3 for Scientist, Geneticist, and Medical Doctor. I was never given a notification message, so I'm not sure of the reason, but I recall it was because I wasn't helping people not die as a doctor during a Meteor round. Back then, I had no idea what "voices in my head" were because I was relatively new. That was around late 2010.

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