Sir Grodus HoS App
Well heck, here we go:

Usual IC Name: Sir Grodus
BYOND Key:Winged_Chiller
If Recommended by Who?: Void
Times Available: Anytime really but usually between 8PM and 5AM (UTC/GMT +12 hours)

Reason for Application (300 word minimum):
Ever since I have started playing SS13 I have seen security who don't know which way to hold their batons. I saw security officers who cared nothing for the safety of the station or the crew but only to further themselves by stunning, cuffing and brigging mercilessly for no apparent, justifiable or reasonable reason. I have seen security officers who scoff at the porta-brig and who leave their lockers unlocked. This is a travisty and must be amended. I intend to turn our power tripping fiends into sophisticated well educated friends. I do not claim to be perfect, I certainly do not claim to be overly robust, but as your Head of Security I intend to mould these young whipper snappers into fine young men! In all seriousness though I do try to remind my fellow compatriots to lock up after themselves. If I see a fellow officer running around with his baton out I ask him to sheath it. I intend to teach these children, not how to be violent, not how to win a fight but how to fight with honour, dignity and respect for your fellow man. I will reach out with a smile on my face, NOT a dagger in my hand. Uphold the law and what the law represents. No more shall assistants hide in dank maintenance tunnels, no more shall the chef hide his captain meat burgers, NO MORE SHALL WE BE OPPRESSED! My purpose, should I have one, is not to be awful, not to administer guns to every officer who can stand up straight but to guide them, with words and actions alike. We are the front line defence and we are who the crew look up to for guidance when the captain is crook, we are who they plead for protection and we are proud to be in her Majesty's Secret Space Service. FOR QUEEN AND COUNTRY!

Security Experience (300 word minimum)
As stated above I am not the most robust person on the station, I have been beaten in combat a few too many times that I'd care to mention but I have been playing security legitimately since the start of shroom and SS13 for plenty before that. I know that the most powerful equipment that a security officer has in his, or her, if you swing that way, arsenal is your PDA. My PDA is my most powerful weapon, it allows me to scan for prints, a skill that has been lost along the way I've noticed and it can be used to call Beepsky to you when you're in trouble, and my tabs are usually kept up so villains are usually set to arrest. I do admit I have the occasional round where I feel like being a little shitty, but usually not as security. I know that the best way to dispose of a traitor is not to kill them but to insititutionalise them. To get the captain on board and give him a new harmless job, like barman, where the only people he can kill are the ones stupid enough to drink what comes out his hatch. I have quite an extensive knowledge of all professions and the only things that trip me up usually are updates. I can hold my own in battle believe me, there are many situations where I can handle an antagonist and I'm not some sort of hard ass-cop (Yes the placement of that hyphen is on purpose) who believes the only aim of the round is to catch an antagonist and being a mentor, which I am, has really made me mellow out a whole lot. I know that if an antagonist is trying to have a good time and everyone is too I can turn a blind eye and that new traitors often need a bit of under-the-table help *Wink *Wink *Nudge *Nudge. I have not been the perfect coppermanofficer ™ but that does not eman that I cannot be a beacon of hope for new cops to learn from. Cheers for reading.

Your opinion of poo(5 word minimum): I thought it was shit.

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will):
There was a permanent ban for releasing incurable airborne diarrhea back on donut 2 and a temp ban for braining a guy as roboticist because he kept breaking in.
I don't see Sir Grodus around that much but he always seems like a good security officer/detective/whatever. Yes from me.
Only played a couple rounds with him, but he seemed very good at combat, plus he never abused his security position. I'd say yes also.
From my crap memory; I think I can see this guy being HoS. Give him a chance to at least. Correct me if I'm wrong though.
Just thought I should say that recently I've also been playing as Fulov Sherry.
never heard of this guy so he's probably a scrub-lord.
HumbleBee Wrote:never heard of this guy so he's probably a scrub-lord.
Thank you for your completely useless comment. Fuck off.
BlackPhoenix Wrote:
HumbleBee Wrote:never heard of this guy so he's probably a scrub-lord.
Thank you for your completely useless comment. Fuck off.

thank you for your equally useless input too pal.
HumbleBee Wrote:never heard of this guy so he's probably a scrub-lord.
1. There's such a thing as a different time zone.
2. You're barely one to call others scrub-lords.
Alright, don't turn this into a stupid slap fight. From what I've seen of Chiller, he's a chill guy and I could totally see him being HoS, correct me if I'm wrong though.

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