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A map (!?!?)
We were sampling Cog's map there today when an idea hit me:
Why don't we add a map on the pda? Just a simple colour coded map such as red highlight as security, blue highlight for bridge, etc, with a blinking dot stating where you are.
It was quite funny when people were running around like children lost in a shopping mall, but I can imagine how much worse did could be new players who just want to learn the ropes, a simple map could really help them along their way and get out of the hair of more experienced players.
It could also help the more experienced players come to terms from moving from mushroom to the new map too..
this idea is a good idea
Yes, this should totaly be a thing!
Absolutely! This is a feature that should have been added long ago.
I approve
Keelin has a station map item thing working already, it'll be an official thing soonish.
I might/probably set up a tour guide buddy with some waypoints for the new map too.

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