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Post ITT and I will give you an avatar
I like owls

FRANK EDIT: I like to singa
Rerolling the dice. I may not be the law but I'm on its side.

FRANK EDIT: Which side of the law? That's the question

Edit: oh jeeze i love Question♡
yeah im cool so uh

i'll need sunglasses

FRANK EDIT: Cool dog
im just a little guy i like round nice things and get scared easily

FRANK EDIT: Just a wee fella
Humbly request a profile picture, thanks!

FRANK EDIT: Humble Bumble Bees Hum A Song as they Stumble Along, Making Sweet Honey
Ill take a picture smile. Something bird related if possible

FRANK EDIT: Chirp chirp
chef bo is me main character cooking anything and everything if I can have something to match the attitude

FRANK EDIT: If you meet the gouda on the road, cut him down
am security

(just got ignored the first time so i guess im back for round two?..)

FRANK EDIT: Imagine a boot stamping a human face Forever 21™

(Side note: I'm well aware I skipped over a few people. That was more about me lacking the inspiration at the moment more than anything, so hopefully no hard feelings, yeah?)

my edit: we're chill man no worries, reading back that was a little more aggressive then I intended, sorry about that.
I like Pies And the law, not much more to say.

FRANK EDIT: Shouldn't say much with a mouth full o' pie
gray lizard

FRANK EDIT: Pretty gray and kinda lizardy
My existence is losing meaning, my only solace in this dark world is explaining the fundamentals of necromancy and ritualcraft to random crew members who never asked. Icon, please!

what does ITT stand for.

FRANK EDIT: In This Thread
(11-16-2022, 10:04 PM)andrew Wrote: what does ITT stand for.

I just aged 100 years

FRANK EDIT: Coder Sandiago
I've always loved scenes of raging fires and stillness such as that of an undisturbed plain of snow or a burning blaze. Their juxtaposition with other aspects of nature or humanity inspires me.

Im a goon, give me the roll

FRANK EDIT: Rock & Roll

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