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Post ITT and I will give you an avatar
Finally decided to make a forum account, resident angry maid who beats people with mops reporting in.

FRANK EDIT: Pew peww

EDIT: Ok first of all, fuck you
Second of all, I love it
Hit me up.

FRANK EDIT: Bravely buttered
I've been a shitlord and I'm permabanned. The forums are my last bastion. I hope that sparks your imagination.

FRANK EDIT: Do not collect $200
This is also a bump for NOOT's avatar.
He deserves a medal first but an avatar will have to do.
I’ve outgrown this wizard, now I just want something WACKY

FRANK EDIT: Wait I have a better one
Just as laboratory rats were removed from Crawl and replaced with something entirely unrelated, so must this avatar be removed from me.

(kind of ashamed of myself that i had to look up the monster name, then again it was apparently removed all the way back in 0.13 and oh god i'm old)


I hope I'm posting this right,
may I have a picture please?

I created an account just for this!
My main is a cigar smoking, coffee drinking shitsec. May I please have a picture? Also yes I know it'll probably be nothing like that 🙃

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