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Post ITT and I will give you an avatar
Finally decided to make a forum account, resident angry maid who beats people with mops reporting in.

FRANK EDIT: Pew peww

EDIT: Ok first of all, fuck you
Second of all, I love it
Hit me up.

FRANK EDIT: Bravely buttered
I've been a shitlord and I'm permabanned. The forums are my last bastion. I hope that sparks your imagination.

FRANK EDIT: Do not collect $200
This is also a bump for NOOT's avatar.
He deserves a medal first but an avatar will have to do.
I’ve outgrown this wizard, now I just want something WACKY
Just as laboratory rats were removed from Crawl and replaced with something entirely unrelated, so must this avatar be removed from me.

(kind of ashamed of myself that i had to look up the monster name, then again it was apparently removed all the way back in 0.13 and oh god i'm old)

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