Seanie502/Sebastian Metzer's HoS Application
Usual Character Name: Sebastian Metzer
BYOND Username: Seanie502
Recommended by (if applicable):N/A
Times Available: 15:30-22:00 Mon-Fri GMT

Reason for Application (300 word minimum): I've been playing this game for about a year and a half now, and it's one of very few I can say I can still play without getting bored in five minutes, I've had my ups and down with it and I can sometimes be a bit... too serious when I play, but I love this game, and I love the Goonstation Community, no matter how many times they call me shit daily. I play Weekdays and Weekends, but sometimes I only play weekends, due to being busy with school and such. I think I would be an ok HoS due to the fact, that I'm shit, but I'm serious enough to get the job done, however, I have been yelled at by an admin once or twice for taking the role of security too seriously in the way that there's not enough cells for the prisoners coming in, due to me being an ass and cuffing people for face-farting. I feel that I have worked hard to become a productive member of the community, even if I’m not quite there yet, and believe that I can be useful as a Head of Security but it all depends on if the admins, mentors and general people in the community believe the same thing. I hope I’m not talking to a brick wall here, in a matter of sense, as the Head of Security has been a post I’ve wanted to earn since I started on SS13, and I hope I can achieve it someday. I’m really trying to meet the three hundred word minimum here, but I was never really good at essays, I was always the guy playing with his pen making space ship and explosion sounds while the class watched and laughed at him. I suck at Words.

Security Experience (300 word minimum):I play Security on a regular basis, and it usually ends with me stripped in disposals getting beaten with stun batons by 5 different assistants because I'm "Shitcurity" for brigging a guy for knocking someone out. I like to play as the “No-shit-security” kinda guy, or the “Security Veteran”, which I am not in any sense, I enjoy playing for internet Spessmen Justice in rounds, but a lot of the time I’m just sitting around in the bar waiting for the next “Big Thing” to happen, meaning not a lot of justice get around, and more or less everyone gets murdered by stealth syndies because I wasn’t paying attention, I’m pretty shit, but I can be shit in a fun, laughing sort of fun way. I hope. To be honest, if I do get HoS it will probably be a case of me playing it a lot, when I don’t want to play antagonist and such, so I would get extremely good use out of it. And here comes the part where I was too blunt at the start and cannot think of anything else to say other than explain it to use up more word space. Yeaaah. I’m still bad at words. (I’ll edit this later if I think of anything else I could say to fill up this hundred word gap)

Your opinion of Shrek (5 word minimum): I liked the first two, the rest just made me feel sad.

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will): When I first started playing, I got a joke ban for saying "Woof" over OOC, the ban stating : "Thinks he's a Dog." Ban Time Remaining: "2000 Hours." It was removed a day later.
Was there even any point to me writing this? No-one seems to have taken the time to even read this, no matter how shit it is. Thanks, Guys. big grin
It takes a while for these. People are watching for you intake, so don't give up and don't be shit.
Play some more, get to the point where you don't usually end up in disposals for being "shitcurity," and actively search for stuff to do instead of sitting in the bar. You'll probably get a lot of support if you do that.

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