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How to complain about an admin
You're probably in this forum because you have a complaint about a particular admin. Now you could choose to just vomit forth a stew of angry words but chances are all that will get you is laughed at. So here's how to do it properly

Title: Title your thread with the admin's name, the game server, and the date/time. This means we can check logs to see exactly what went on

Inside your thread please include;
Admin name: Self explanatory
Server: Same
Date/Time: Same again
Synopsis: A brief synopsis of what happened, if it's going to be longer than brief then for god's sake please use paragraphs. No-one will read a wall of text
Log: If you have a log of messages/combat/whatever post it in code tags
Extra Information: Did the admin follow you to irc and then tell you you touch dicks, did he come to your house and fart on your dog? Any thing extra related to the incident goes here.

I personally will be policing admins and handling complaints, if you keep to this format it'll make my job much more bearable and make it much more likely that I will actually investigate your complaint, rather than linking the thread to the reported admin with a lol.

Admins MAY NOT add additional punishment for a report. However if during the report the player decides that actually he's just going to call everyone Hitler and generally be an arse I will quite happily give extra punishment myself.
Admins can no-longer permanently delete threads here and everyone can view edited posts to help aid transparency

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