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Fitness Room: An idea I did not come up with at 2 AM
I really don't see any need to have a Trainer as a job. It's a funny idea, but much like the boxer, there's no point assigning anyone to that. Just go box if you want to, and if you want to act like a trainer, go right the hell ahead.

Also regarding steroids, we already have stimulants, they're pretty awesome and they already have some drawbacks to keep them balanced. I'd suggest that steroids just be based off of those, and maybe cause a BUFF ABS overlay on the user.
FrontlineAcrobat4 Wrote:ok so i am looking at the wiki page regarding how to sprite, and all I have to do is download the spriting software and the public release of goonstation and ill be all set?
I sprite using GIMP if that's worth anything to note.
Get a blank 32x32 (is that the aspect? I forget) pixel and just zoom the fuck in.
Mess with opacity and you get use that for shading, glowing, etc.
I don't use any release of goonstation mind you, I just sprite and hope for the best. This normally means my sprites turn out to be too small (like my charger sprites) or too damn big (like my original torque bow) lolololerlerlslzollin' . So yeah, probably best to get a public release to test what they look like.
If you need any hints or tips, PM me.
Thanks Sundance, and yeah if we just place a trainer jumpsuit in the fitness area it'll be fine
This is a great idea mainly because I am a fat staff assistant that eats donk pockets in the bridge while petting cats. And the only friends I can find are magicians AKA wizards, i'm lonely frown

This would be great though knowing that if you workout you could gain the ability to punch stronger and knock those changeling freak shows right out of their tissue AKA whatever you wanna call their skin.

I may have overused AKA in this post...
i just want to give everyone a heads i dont know how to sprite so the fitness room sprite may come long after this, if anyone wants to contribute to it i'd be honored.

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