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Hopefully Simple Mechanics Change - Quieter Teleporters
The way the teleporter pads you can get in mechanics currently work, if you have a signal sent to it that changes it's ID, it will announce this change aloud in the chat log. The problem with this is if you change the ID frequently it kinda spams chat and becomes really annoying.

The device in question that I don't want to build because of chat spam, is a voice directed teleporter, you say where you want to go, and then press the button and it will take you there. But for this to work the ID must be changed back to its original location after you press the button, and it detects if the ID is something other than it's location and changes it back to what it's supposed to be if someone talked into the microphone but didn't press the button. (or if it detects any chatter, which it does quite a bit, an option to lower the radius of microphones is also being snuck in here) So, it sends out a lot of ID changes which quickly get annoying, especially since ideally you'd have these all over the place for easy teleportation.

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