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How did you last die
So how did you last die I will add mine later my laptop is almost dead
I am still alive but I know something that is dead..... Some kind of zombie chewing tobacco and crying I g

its poo
you really need to get the fuck over poo already. either that or start seeing a shrink for an anal fixation.
I died by trying to make a building in space. I was just about to finish it when I screwed up ,and went flying in space.
As it turns out, Light Grenades do not make light, nor are they light in weight. It also did not really belong to the Detective who I had just killed, despite the note next to it claiming to be such.
I never die!
I mixed all the discount dan's drinks with heaters on and injected them into myself. I died nearly instantly.
Meth lab explosion in the secret room, intentional. The blast blew the walls out in a huge fireball just as a security guard was walking by outside. He took my body away without doing any other investigating or even commenting on what happened. A botanist in a George Melons mask found the beakers of CRANK on the floor and shot them all up into himself and ran around screaming for awhile. A mindslave and his traitor boss then found my little crank lab, the mindslave immediately tried to make napalm and set both of them on fire, which caused a chain reaction with my ingredients and the whole room blew up again.
[Image: 1xSeY]
Coolguye Wrote:you really need to get the fuck over poo already. either that or start seeing a shrink for an anal fixation.
true. also el Bort made me a vampire when I was in the middle of space once.
The chaplain threw a bible at me when I was farting on people.

He knows my weakness: I fart.
I stole photos of a UFO while dressed as, and named, 'Man in Black', then I pipebombed the photos to destroy them before walking through the nearest wall into space and gibselfing.
I was running around as a drunk chaplain, and I slipped. I proceded to passively fart and was immediately gibbed.
Was minding my business in the Bar when the Detective walks in with an e-gun and starts opening fire. I dodged him for a while, but alas, poor Roman Fap was struck by an energy bolt (stunned) and then lasered into Critical.

Sadly for the Detective this was not gruesome enough. A passing Singularity started eating part of the bar, so the Detective threw me into it.
Mindslaved by a Spy and told to set up a fog machine full of Venom, I turned it on but before I could escape its range a member of a rival team punched me in the face and I went down next to the machine and inhaled a cloud of deadly poison.

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