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Ban Appeal - Wonkmin
You have been banned. Reason: Key: purpleocelot
Banned By: wonkmin
Reason: Shedload of notes then kills another player immediately on round start because: Reply PM from-PurpleOcelot/(Salma Carter): he was most likely a syndicate, since there was only 3 people

(This is a permanent ban). If you believe you were unjustly banned, head to the forums and post an appeal.
Connection died.

We share the same IP, obviously. Could I please be un-account banned?
Do you know this person?
I do, in fact. I know him personally. Could you just unban my account? He stated that the ban was 'wrong' but I don't believe him. I just wanna get my superior genetics system back, man.
I'd be very reluctant to with that guy having the history he does.

Why is he banned on your IP?
We live in the same town, and I suppose have the same service provider. He's fairly new and thinks he can do anything he wants on Space Station. Lately, he's been talking about planning an assistant revolution, which I believe are banned.
Can you just invidivually unban accounts?
No, for obvious reasons.
So, in short, I'm never getting unbanned for something someone else did?

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