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Rube Potter's HoS Application
Usual Character Name: Rube Potter
BYOND Username: Frontline Acrobat 4
Recommended by: Black Phoenix
Times Available: Eastern Standard Time. I play whenever I have a good chunk of time to spend.

Reason for Application: I am applying for this position for the same reason I applied to be a Mentor; To be able to use my experience in positions with responsibility to increase the enjoyability of this game, and contribute my time into helping the community. I am huge fan of this game, I do my best to help the crew with insightful advice using my knowledge of the game being a mentor, and I think if I am chosen to be an HoS I can provide the leadership and knowledge required for the role to be at the very least, competent for the job.

When I think of how the HoS should conduct himself, and his responsibilities they are numerous in number. The HoS has many different roles that he needs to have a good understanding of on how to deal with, it makes the Captain's tasks look meager in size. The HoS's job does not only require making sure Security is properly operating, and is functional; he is also considered the stations best fighter, and a person with more authority than the Captain regarding most situations. These tasks can be very taxing, and thankless most of the time. But, the HoS is also thought of as one of the most distinguished members of the crew for a reason. I think I have the skills and knowledge required for this task.

I have played this game for two years on and off, and have played on Donut 2, and Shroom. I have played as every single role and antagonist position. (Including Rev Head, Alien, Monkey, Spy Master, Wizard, Predator, and Chemist.) For the time I have played I have improved, and gained a good understanding of every game mechanic that would be needed for the role as HoS. I have acted with respect towards fellow crew members, and have farted on quite a few people. I have done some great things on this game, ranging from being on an illegal basketball team with Dr.Cogwerks, and trying to fight off about ten angry crew members in QM. To successfully suicide-bombing a runaway Singurlarity. Robusting Waluigi, and giving him swirlies until he exploded. And of course my fair share of successful antagonist runs, and countless stories of many admin hijinks that have occured. I am confident I can provide the skill and knowledge to be a successful HoS, and I hope I have shown enough evidence for you to also think the way I do about my skills.

Security Experience: Now I am not going to lie, being a Security Officer is far from my favorite role on the station. Being an Officer is a mainly thankless job, but it's importance as a peace keeper is vital in preventing the station from turning into a festering shithole we all know it can slip so easily into. While many people may rail against Security with competing cries of "Shitcurity", and "Wannabe Facist Troops", those naysayers will still cry for Sec to save them when they get into a spot of trouble. As HoS, you need to be able to put these people's constant complaints into prespective due to playing for such a long time, and never ignore their cries for help unless they were really acting like walking piles of shit. Then, you'd save them long enough for you to ridicule them yourself.

Whenever I play as a Security Officer I put the taser gun on my belt, baton in my pack, flash and cuffs in my pockets, a set of interals in my pack, crowbar, and insulated gloves if I can manage to get my grubby hands on a pair. I patrol around the main hallways of the station, periodically peeking my head into the departments and maintenance tunnels to check for corpses and husks. I encourage fellow sec members to report their location, and to ask if they should arrest someone if they are wishy-washy about doing it. I listen to the orders of the heads of staff, and I am not afraid to refuse an order if I think it is stupid or dangerous towards the crew. I arrest crew on a case by case basis, letting small things go by with a warning, while larger crimes may result in arrests or loss in items. In general, I am fairly lenient towards small things, but I will enforce the laws with a very heavy hand if the situation requires it.

As an HoS, I would do my best to make sure Security acts like an organized squad, that will be able to keep the peace while being ready to do their best fighting with the meager weapons against antagonists, Paul Blart the Mall Cop style. I will help security with understanding the proper conduct of how they should act, while also reassuring the crew that sec will do their best to help. Hopefully, the crew will act with the same level of respect the station's sec squad at the time deserves. I'd make sure all antagonists have had a fair chance of trying to accomplish their goals, while if they cause enough damage they will be suitably punished. I don't think i'll use the Solitary very frequently, unless I am dealing with awful sec officers, and jackasses hellbent on being a total asshole regardless of what occurs. As a head, I will make sure all aspects of the station are functioning as well as the situation permits, and I will take all members of the crew's input on what we should do regarding situations that occur. I am a good fighter with the various weapons that can be used, especially my fists. I am also disconcerned with my personal safety if the situation requires me to do something drastic.

I think I am qualified to be a skilled HoS. I hope my conduct playing this game, and my application will convince you I am fit to wear the HoS's beret with the dignity you can get playing in this game. Thanks for reading.

Your opinion of Shrek: Shrek Two is a great movie, while the first one is pretty good. The others are eh.

Your opinion of Clowns: True Clowns are distinguished members of any station.

Your opinion of Poo: RIP Poo.

Previous Bans: I've received job-bans from AI, Cyborg, Engineer, Electrician, Detective, and Security Officer. My unban appeal for all of these bans are on this forum.
Yes, simply yes. Cool guy, level headed, I would trust him with the beret.
HumbleBee Wrote:griffer.
Please give specific examples, or something other than just one word. Be sure to read the rules on posting in these forums please.
ah yes, my apologies. in my experience he usually seems to be up to no good. i guess have no real example.
keep in mind i havent really payed attention to him until only recently so my input on his app has no value.
HumbleBee Wrote:keep in mind i havent really payed attention to him until only recently so my input on his app has no value.
Then why give it at all?

Either way, from what I have seen, Rube is a cool dude, levelheaded on the forums, and he has the same reccomendation to HoS that I gave for his mentor app.
BlackPhoenix Wrote:
HumbleBee Wrote:keep in mind i havent really payed attention to him until only recently so my input on his app has no value.
Then why give it at all?

very valid question.
HumbleBee Wrote:griffer.

Thanks I think.
From what little experience I had with Rube he didn't really keep a level head. I was fucking with sec a lot as an assistant, yes, but requesting the right to murder me is a bit over the top.
AdenAbrafOfTheO Wrote:From what little experience I had with Rube he didn't really keep a level head. I was fucking with sec a lot as an assistant, yes, but requesting the right to murder me is a bit over the top.

From the round you are recalling this experience I never once requested the crew attempt to kill you. I joined the shift as a Sec Officer, as soon as I entered the Office I found you and Javier Costello waiting for me. Javier stunned me with a stolen baton, and took my id. You pulled me into the brig and tried to take my backpack. I stopped you, and realizing that the Brig was breached by a blob I let you out after taking your id since Javier took mine. At this point I presumed you could have been a mindslave with Javier as the traitor, but I decided that taking your id was punishment enough.

I found Javier in medbay with an energy gun. He shot lasers at me and hit a bystander, and after a fight he stunned me and was chased by a mob. After this I thought javier was a traitor and I alerted the crew that Javier was a traitor for shooting people in Medbay.

At this point the shit hit the fan, by this time the Cap,HoP, and Security were either too stupid to do anything or were dead. What resulted was the crew using a stolen taser, they shot javier and lynched him in Medbay. I dropped our id and told where I put it. Then a shithead took the id, and the crew lynched him because they thought it was you, since you were talking Javier over the radio. The crew presumed you were javier's Mindslave.

I never ordered the crew to kill you. I thought you were an unarmed mindslave, and I presumed that javier (who had multiple weapons at this time since Sec was looted, and the Captain was robbed) was a traitor. SInce I took your id and you did not try and kill me, I ignored you and focused on trying to stop javier. However, it is true that the crew did try and kill you, but I remember you surviving and escaping to the shuttle .

in deadchat, Javier told me that the Captain was shooting lasers at people so he stole the energy gun. The sec was acting just as shitty to it resulted in them being killed and robbed. he said he stole my id to try and attack the captain with and he apologized to me for robbing me one minute after I join the game.

That round was really shitty, and the shit hit the fan right before I joined. It is hard to be a sec officer when sec has been looted, the captain and hop disposed of, and I am robbed after walking into sec. I am sorry I took your id and acted very stern towards what in normal rounds would be minor thing. But I had to do my best when dealing with a lynch-mob style crew armed with stun weapons, and a traitor running around with weaponry. I promise you, if I knew how the round progressed before I joined I would have acted differently. But I did not, and I had to act in the best I could using the information and resources I had.
Wasn't that round, this is a round where I wasn't doing a Knight of Light gimmick or w/e. I acted alone in the round I mentioned except for a dude with a japanese name who tried to free his friend or w/e.
Also Javier was a traitor so you're making shit up.
One off rounds are absolutely not evidence within this thread. Thanks for the derail though.

Feel free to repost the application and hopefully we won't get people spoiling it with "well this happened this one time" nonsense.

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