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Chef Buttes Mentor Application
Usual Character Name: Chef Buttes

BYOND Username: Klayboxx

Recommended by (if applicable): Some kind of zombie chewing tobacco and crying I g

Times Available: 6-10 during the week, all day depending when I decide to hop on during the weekends.

Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum): I've been playing this game for over a year and because of this I have become very familiar with the more 'difficult' aspects of the game. I'm generally well liked (I think, anyway.) and I generally like to help people get familiar with the game. I've been playing since doughnut station, so I'd like to imagine I'm good at the game – better than most anyway. This isn't me saying I'm more robust and that even matters, I'm trying to portray I'm well learned in the game stuff. A couple of months back the only way to get information that wasn't presented in the game or on the wiki was to ask an admin, and they weren't always free to help. I've experienced this many times and now this mentor thing exists, and it is really awesome that people have other things to rely on to get information and I would love to be a part of it. I do this sort of thing in-game anyway when people ask questions. I (almost) always tell them how to do things correctly (SOMETIMES). Like just recently I helped some security member learn how to not shoot his gun so wildly and how to aim better. He didn't catch the aiming part of the lesson but he stopped shooting wildly and he learned to be quick to switch to his flash after he was dropped. Another time I was mind-slaved by some scientist and I taught him how to make large bombs and we proceeded to explode most of the station. Yet another time I taught my chef assistant tons of food recipes that are ~secret~ (not really ~secret~, just vague) and he caught on pretty quick. I enjoy helping in any way I can, especially when it's my job. So yeah, just give me the purple text. 8-)

Your opinion of Shrek (5 word minimum): Poo is a delicious substance that exists in this world only to make jenkem.

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will): I was banned ages ago for uploaded a dumb one human law as a captain before I really knew better, another for bringing plasma canisters out into the hall ways as captain and people opened them. I took fault and caught a couple day ban for that. Once I was confused by the rules surrounding space madness and I started throwing people into shocked airlocks until I was thrown in a gibber. I wasn't banned for this until long after I had done it. It was revoked. I've also been banned permanently for spamming the *cry emote in QM after they wouldn't give me a Christmas crate. It was revoked. I know I'm missing a couple here and there are a few job-bans I don't remember how I've gotten and how I got them appealed. Most all my bans have been appealed successfully.
i havent even seen you play in weeks aiden

chef is always a cool dude when i see him, i give this application the kingston seal of approval
More information from other approved players needed, please.

Will close and deny in 7 days if no further information given.
No one loves me
I have not seen Chef Buttes in a while, however he seemed to know what he was doing then. So I presume he would be fit for this.

Klayboxx Wrote:No one loves me

Some kind of zombie chewing tobacco and crying I g Go to and you can register to be an adoptable nerd.
FrontlineAcrobat4 Wrote:
Klayboxx Wrote:No one loves me

Some kind of zombie chewing tobacco and crying I g Go to and you can register to be an adoptable nerd.

I think I need to.. I'm so lonely ; ;
I've seen Chef Buttes a few times and he always knows what he's up to. That's a yes from me.
poot. why dont I have people saying nice things about me like thaaaaaaaat guy, mommy?!
I don't know how knowledgable chef is, but he's nice and friendly.
Yesterday I unintentionally took his galoshes and ID after being cloned, because someone took all of my stuff. He kindly asked for his ID, then told me I could keep his galoshes. What a pal. Yes, he deserves whatever he wants. (including mentor/HoS)
Chef buttes has been around a long while, is a cool guy and definitely knows his shit. I'll say yessiree.

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