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Cogmap 2: *** UPDATE TO BYOND 509 ASAP ***
After a couple months of early design stuff, here are some screencaps of how it's looking so far. Please don't panic or obsess over specific details like the AI upload computer being near a window and don't point out things like EVA / Teleporter / etc being missing, they'll get slotted in to some of the remaining spaces. This is still a very early sneak peak, lots of things are in the stage of blocking out large areas just to see what can work where.
Large boxy rooms will continue to be refined and whittled down over time. At the moment I've got a space set aside for warehouse+disposals+cargo-router opposite the engine on the central-east module, with QM in the southeast by Mechanics. It might make more sense to have QM and the cargo router together at the back of the engineering module though. I haven't made up my mind yet. <-- Large Screencaps

[Image: kkX7Vko.png]

This is going to coincide with Supernorn's second major graphics redesign project, he's redoing all his current wall sprites to have a more uniform and interesting sense of perspective with other game objects.

Here's a quick test of the new autojoin walls over by Botany:
[Image: 42BlRXV.png]

Airlocks, windows, computers, closets, and wall-mounted things are all getting a similar redesign. Expect the station to look a hell of a lot different.
It sort of looks like a mix of cog and donut 2, which is great. But the real question is: will there be a continuation for the solarium questline? I'd hate for it to just disappear.
I really like this new map,i like that there are now two hallways which you can go around the station (and maybe four+ airbridges?) which really remembers me of the old donut,i also really like the new wall textures! when will it air if i can ask?
Ali0en Wrote:It sort of looks like a mix of cog and donut 2, which is great. But the real question is: will there be a continuation for the solarium questline? I'd hate for it to just disappear.
I can't see way anyone would remove the tele-zlvls. They seem to have A LOT of work put into them.

On topic: Will the new pathology/virology system be implemented in this map?
Looks damn good! Cogwerks and the rest of admins again outperforming themselves. Although I'm not quite sure about the new walls, but I guess it's just a matter of getting used to.

Any chance to make a thread/post here if something else needs to be re-done? I mean we have tons of talented spriters who could volunteer to re-do stuff if you just tell us what you need. (Unless you want to follow your own clear vision and style, but hey, atleat we could try!)
I'm loving how much maintenance I can see in those pics
Still months of work away from launch, and no, the telescience/space levels aren't going away, why would they?
They'll probably get reworked a bit with newer wall textures and some layout changes, and z5 is gonna be returning soon with new content- some of which is almost ready to launch now. aIBM has been working on a big new ~SECRET~ exploration area, I have some more planned too, and z2 is totally packed. Z's 2, 3, and 4 were steadily worked on and reworked over the last year, so they'll certainly continue getting changes / new stuff as time goes on between major projects.
Cogs, would you get offended if I said I'm getting some nice nostalgic vibes for donut 2 from this map? Like in a good way.
I think it all looks great so far, except for medbay. It kinda looks like the current medbay was crumpled up into a ball. If we're ever going to see the return of pathology (which I'm still holding out hope for) that area is going to see even more foot traffic than it currently does. That area of the station looks pretty full, but is there any chance you could add a bit more leg room? (Or I could do a little mockup.)
Reworked science wing a bit so the test chamber has public viewing:

[url][Image: Q5O6XNm.png][/url]
Loving how everything has more public access points, but I don't like just a single door by the airbridge leading to the medical/science division. Might want to make it three glass doors wide?
Eh, I dunno. I thought it looked way too wide at 3x. Kinda meant to be a choke point. I'll think about it more.

p.s. supernorn's new walls and glass are starting to go in:

[Image: lF5bNUa.png]

Specifically Hermera because at this point it's boring, I think we're more than due for Hermera VII or
bring back Biolab 2014
Will glass and metal sheets sprite's be changed to look more in place along with their respected walls? Those walls are awesome though.

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