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Zorafm's Head of security application
Usual Character Name: Zorafm Deathwish
BYOND Username: Zorafm
Recommended by (if applicable): Heiraphont (Jeff Tao)
Times Available: 11:00 Pm to around 9:00 to 12:00 Pm on the eastern time zone,
weekends may differ.

Reason for Application (300 word minimum): I’ve had Some players of this 2D spessman game say nice things about my security experience, and to be honest, I was really planning on doing it. But Heiraphont, I very respectable Hos in my opinion said I would make the cut, and suggested I make an application. Let it not be said that I do not wish for Hos or want to set that as a goal to be a better security officer (Not that this job makes you a better one in any way) but more signifies that you ARE a good security officer. I do admit it would be very fun to have access to the armory, and eat that Tricord infested Spaghetti arrabiata (good stuff you know!) while sitting on that comfy chair looking at the portable video camra. Along with the cluwnes honking madly out your window, easily ignored. Being able to get the Eguns out when the wizard federation sends some in, or the syndies covet to nuke us all! But the thing that would be Really great, is the sense of command i’ll have, not for power so much, but for true order, making sure that station is safe and sound, and I can tuck it in bed at night time. I don’t think our security team is “shit” (sorry vox) but more out of command when a Hos is not in. (Do not misunderstand, some guys IN the team are, but not the team itself) making sure they are not beating the janitor with their stun batons becuase “he’s wetting floors” when really he’s just innocently cleaning the station. And lastly, the hat, made by hand by centcom’s best clothers. Made so it may also a beret if you so desire (witch is what I like) The color as red as red could possibly get, and as comfortable as comfortable could ever get at all, is THE hat for the elite jod know as, THE HEAD OF SECURITY!

Security Experience (300 word minimum): My memory is not good much in past rounds, I think it may be because I've had so many fun times in this time waster of a game. But I will tell what I usually do as a security officer. When I start out I get my taser and put it on my belt, baton, three pairs of cuffs, a flash and two handcuffs, I'm not going to tell you where I put them, because that would mainly be pointless in my opinion. Now with the antagonists, I try not to kill traitors, definite kill on vampires, changelings and wizards. I used to help the wizards, but then I learned that that's very rude and gross. If I catch a traitor, I will usually take all his gear, then have a nice chat if he's willing, and release him. But to be honest, I'm a very mellow security officer, sometimes just plain lazy and just wants the chef's wonderful food, but as a head of security, I do not plan on doing such things, but that means I won't be some sort of fun hater and not do anything gimmick related. I know the basics of pointblank shots, and how to beat a wizard with a baton, along with never use a baton with the hart intent. I've been fooled and keeled down many times as a security officer, and I don't expect I won't as the Hos either, it's just part learning not to be a moron. Thermals aren’t always the best way to go, I’ve had assistants and others flash me easily and I get stripped or meet death, so sometimes I keep some sunglasses in my pocket when I know I'm going to be in a fight when I am using thermals. I never really did the "hold taser and baton in bolth hands" when I was first starting out, because just common sense told me not to. I realise the head of security is a big job to handle, so I hope you have found this application good to your eyes, and have a nice day.

Your opinion of Shrek (5 word minimum): He is green and fat.

Previous Bans (While this will not affect you. application lying about it will):Tempban for saying dumb meme, 2 tempban for spaming Emotes and cluwne laugh spamming, maybe one other, if so it was a tempban aswell.
welp, i've already found some typos, and the one that I want to sort out first is the " it's "space" you fucker game say nice things about me", witch hardly makes any sense at all, so let me rephrase.

I've had some nice players of this 2d spessman game say nice things about my security experience, and to be honest, I was really planning on doing it.
Oh I see, I'm a moron.
my name should totally be on the 'recommended by' list too frown

this guys awesome and tbh i already thought he was a hos. so yeah sign him up already!
Yes, absolutely. Zorafm is a very robust, very relaxed guy who seems extremely knowledgeable about the game. Like Oddball, I actually thought he was already a HoS, and I think it's a shame he's not.

I've worked with him in Security, and many other jobs, to very positive results. I will say he maybe OCCASIONALLY drifts over to the side of griefy, but it's never intense or malicious.
Yes, you're a jolly good fellow.
I've seen him as security before, and have played the role of security with him. He certainly knows what he is doing out there. He is also very good about it, not stunning people for looking at him funny like most security.
If it was up to me, I would 100% give him the beret. Good luck traitors!
Yes, he should totally become HoS. He frustrated me a bit earlier today but he made up for it by not being retarded and by being rather competent.
Zorafm isn't an HoS? What? Give this robust and cool motherfucker that beret posthaste
Wow guys thanks! I knew you guys didn't think I was a bad player, But I never thought myself as robust! Your support is most appreciated.
for the most part zorafm is not a jerk, so he's got my vote.
I really noticed you being quite relaxed and fun to be around the last few days, which is in contrast to how I've often seen you in the past. So I'll approve this, good job.

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