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Idea for security class "the guardian"
Idea : security weapon class ( Guardian )
Name : weapon class “ Guardian”
Type: Security / Weapon / Combat
briefly explain : new idea for security class focus on defensive style coming with special heavy shield and baton 
Detail : The security weapon class is item set that come from security vendor like the other it has special heavy shield and stunt baton to focus on melee combat style and very tough but slow like a shield OPS
Special heavy shield : the armor shield very large and good for protection can use as 1 hand or 2 hand mode when holding and block mode will grant huge % reduce damage from explosive/bullet/blunt/stab damage use 2 hand mode for double % has a chance to block arrow or dart gun  when use as disarm intend will get high chance of knockback  use 2 hand when disarm will disarm 1x3 block instead  harm intend will do damage 10 damage use 2 hand to deal 1x3 tile instead has a special ability by make a barrier that can block and deflect mostly weapon use 2 hand for 1x3 block instead grab intend while holding this shield will make people who got grabbed cover damage by the shield  however this shield make holder slower speed movement.
note : i think about shield ops and shield hero that use his shield to protect people more than use gun and since the shield is heavy it less chance that antag trying to steal this because it make them slower and highly chance to get caught.
The tools seem fine, but I do not want it as a class, more like something in the armory.
A stronger shield would make for a good armory item, though shooting weapons whilst using them should worsen the aim, to encourage baton & meelee tool use
What problem that sec currently faces does this aim to address?
(07-10-2024, 10:33 AM)BatElite Wrote: What problem that sec currently faces does this aim to address?

I think about security lack of performance to stop someone we trying to chase due to the heaviness of armor vest already and the barrier stuff is not effective enough also the reflection barrier that regular shield do didn’t protect anyone except user. This item might very useful in blocking way like a maintenance/room more effectively and can garuntee to block attack also there is no any shield in the armory which should be have at first.
For some example case 
1) chasing antagonists at maintenance 
2) block the door to hallway (regular has 2 door)
3) effective in melee fight can 1vs 3 which might happen in Rev gamemode 
4) block many bullet shooting in nukie round (note I see many time that people using armory stuff and just to get killed easily by nukie and support team like doctor team can bring back the body to clone effectively)
The key of this tool is for make some gear that aimless and can protect people

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