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Mildly Mutated changes
(07-11-2024, 08:04 AM)jan.antilles Wrote: Mutagenic Field needs to have the description updated on the wiki. It only adds mutations to the person with the gene. (Probably not the best name for the gene, lol.)


On topic: Good change. I'm a complete gene nerd and I understand the risk in this trait. There are a LOT more bad / "hermless BORK BORK BORK!" mutations than good ones, and even then, a lot of them aren't worth the risk (alcohol resistance, Noir, Natural Anti-Tox, Meta Neural stuffs). IMO the trait has always been a statistical negative for me, that didn't even grant a point until recently.

Having people come over to insta take a muta pill definitely has felt pretty powergame-y as described by the OP, so I'm all for this. Also, you wanna mess with mutations but don't wanna bother going to / trusting / waiting for the geneticists? That's on you personally. I know there are a lot of new genetechs that are a little slow to start, and the guide on it is a little bit confusing (might change it if there's a consensus on that), but its still a risk you chose.

And no, its not as fast as popping a muta. Smart genetechs WILL keep you hostage for those mats in exchange for scrambling.

Also, I don't think Plasma Lungs are a good analogy for this trait, as there are Plasma Vends in each stations podbay. The only risk is you not keeping track of your plasma, or having no credits (which is a situation you shouldn't be in the first place, considering it takes about ~35 minutes for the plasma to expire). If anything, it just restricts your belt slot, just how the short sighted trait restricts your eyeglasses slot.
In my opinion it's -1

Why? It's one of those traits we shouldn't encourage to pick with +1 at all. 0 is why it's being metagamed and why this topic came to be.

-1 would make the most sense cause it can benefit or harm you. Also like pugs... who are -4 you can see it as a massive hard mode.
Just a heads up to let folks know I'm still working on the PR!

It's a +1 trait because I think people having goofy mutations makes the round better and more fun, as does Genetics getting interaction earlier in the round before they've unlocked everything. I don't want people to avoid the mutation just because they can end up with Reinforced Bad sometimes.

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