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PDA ATMs are TICKING me off!
Unlike real life, wage theft doesn't really matter in this game because the amounts involved are pretty insignificant. Like sure, you can get ~10k from some folks around the 40 minute mark but then you also have had to wait 40 minutes to do your criming.

If having money is important for roleplaying purposes (food I suppose), chuck like 300c cash in your box and it should last the round.

(Someone could go over some maps for ATM coverage though. I found clarion has them only on the eastern half, and donut 3 only has two on like the west 2/3rds of which one is in the brig.)
Since using the PDA ATM is entirely optional, they should just stay. If you don't wanna use 'em and instead enjoy the exciting run to the ATM, you can do that! You can put your PDA away, or handle it IC ("Oh, my PDA ATM is broken, I'll have to go to another ATM").
(07-09-2024, 09:40 AM)Zamujasa Wrote: the same place tickets from the ticket writer app come from, and the same place the second stack of credits comes from when you split one. it's a video game

Ah, we're a licensed mint.  Makes sense to me.
Is there already a withdraw limit? If not, that might be an interesting way to prevent too much omney from being stolen via PDA theft, return some use to ATMs, and keep them useful all in one change.

If it already is, ignore literally everything I just said because it's useless.
i don't like the idea of there being an arbitrary limit to how much you can withdraw. just don't lose your id.

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